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The internal trainer will be able to conduct training sessions in five steps, which are explained below. To do this, the administrator must first carry out the following two actions: 

    1. Activate the "Access my internal training tracker" permission for internal trainers.
    2. Match the in-house trainers with the corresponding in-house training courses and sessions.

1. Retrieving internal training requests

Each time a new request is made for in-house training, the in-house employee receives an email. By logging on to their trainer space, they can access the “Requests” tab to get an overview of all their current requests.

As a reminder, a current request is one that has not yet led to registration for a session.

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2. Request to create a session

Once the in-house trainer considers that there are sufficient requests for their training course, they can ask the HR manager to create a training session for them, specifying at least:

  • The name of the training course for which they want to create a session.
  • Start and end dates of the session.
  • The expected number of participants.
  • The location of the session.

The request can be made directly in Poplee Training by clicking on the “Request to plan a session” button.

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An email will then be automatically sent to the HR manager, who can add and open a session.


3. Registration of employees in the session 

Prerequisite: the HR manager has created and opened a session for the internal trainer, specifying the number of places available.

The employee can find all the sessions created for their internal training in the session tab.


By entering the session, the in-house trainer can register or deregister employees from the session. They can do this for employees who have requested it or not. Note that registration/deregistration is only possible when the session has been opened and is no longer in draft mode. image (6).png The internal trainer will be able to take into account the prioritization made by the manager and the requests already accepted by the HR managers to decide who should be registered first.

4. Indicate employee attendance (feature under development)

Once the training has been completed and the session finalized, the in-house trainer will be able to indicate the presence of employees at their training session.

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5. Indicators of success

It is difficult for internal trainers to prioritize their time between work and training, as the latter is not sufficiently valued. To keep track of the activity and added value of their training courses, each internal trainer has a dashboard with two indicators:

  • Employees trained
    All employees attending the in-house trainer’s training sessions.

  • Hours of training provided
    Total hours of all the in-house trainer’s completed training sessions.

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