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The sandbox is a replica of your Lucca environment that allows you to do some tests before making any changes to the real environment. Leave, acquisition rules, approval, import, connection with a third-party tool, data recovery via APIs.. you experiment without touching the data or the settings.

The sandbox is an environment isolated from production. Changes made cannot overwrite production, which means that any changes made in the sandbox must be replicated in production. 

Subscribe to the sandbox offer

To access the sandbox, you must first subscribe to the offer by reaching out to your Lucca contact. When you subscribe to the sandbox offer, Lucca grants you the access to create sandboxes. 

If you have subscribed to the sandbox offer but you do not have access to the page "sandbox" in the left menu of the Client center, please contact the support.

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Only users who have access to the client center and who have the "Manage sandboxes" permission enabled can create and manage sandboxes.

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Do you want your employees to access the sandbox ? Go to the "Roles" tab of your toothed wheel.

You can check the roles of your collaborators and give them access to the "Client center" permission by checking the "Manage sandboxes" permission.

💡To go further, please read the Lucca role configuration sheet.

Create a sandbox 

Click on the "Create a sandbox" button to start your project.

You can customize your sandbox in the window that appears.

  • Name : the name is required. It will allow you to identify your sandbox if you create several sandboxes.
  • Description : you have the possibility to add a description. This will be useful if several of you work with sandboxes to clearly identify the different projects. 
  • Hide data : you can choose your collaborators' data, especially if there is sensitive data (salaries, bonuses) that you want to hide during your tests with several collaborators.
    • The hidden data are the employee's personal information and documents : date of birth, nationality, payslips, pdf documents;
    • The first and the last names of employees are not masked.
  • Restore files : you can create a sandbox by restoring available files (expenses) from your production environment. Be careful, if you have a large number of files, the restoration may take time.
The emails of your employees are always anonymous to comply with GDPR.

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Log in to your sandbox

When you connect to the sandbox, there will be a green banner displayed at the top of your screen to inform you that you are in your sandbox space and not in your Lucca production instance.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-25 à 10.16.30.pngManage your sandboxes

You can create up to 5 sandboxes simultaneously. The sandboxes are displayed in your space and you can easily identify them thanks to the name given when creating the sandbox.

At the top of the page, you find the number of active sandboxes.

To manage each sandbox, you must click on the sandbox.

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You can log in to the sandbox to access the test space.

You can create up to 5 sandboxes simultaneously. You can delete a sandbox to free up space to create a new one.

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Restore a sandbox

You can restore a sandbox, that is, update teh current sandbox data with the production environment data. You are autonomous to carry out this action. 

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Delete a sandbox 

You can delete a sandbox by clicking on the "trash" icon.

⚠️ Please note that your sandbox will be deleted after 90 days without activity. Note that API keys do not count as user login.








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