Data control in an international context: IBAN / Social Security number

Before getting started

We had to make sensitive HR file information (BIC, IBAN, social security...) more reliable via validation rules, taking into account international issues.

Here are the details of the validations that have been added:

  • Control over the French social security number
  • Control over the Spanish social security number
  • Control over the Swiss AVS number
  • Controls on BIC and IBAN (addition of the American format)

Verification of social security numbers according to the rules of the country of the legal unit

If the legal entity is in France, we check the number according to French rules. 13 digits are no longer sufficient for France (15 are now requested).

If the legal entity is in Spain or Switzerland, we first check according to local rules and then French rules (for French employees working abroad).

If the legal entity's country is neither France, Spain, nor Switzerland, there is no control over the social security number. Note that validation is not a consistency check (we do not check if the number corresponds to the employee in question, but only if it is compliant).

Controls are applied when a field in the HR file is modified or updated, but also in other modules such as import, onboarding or update requests (where 15 digits are now expected for the social security number).

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Bank accounts

Regarding bank accounts, it is now possible, if the format is that of IBAN, to validate and automatically retrieve the BIC information and the name of the bank.

If the bank account format is American (or any other format), it is still possible to add it without validation.

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