How to terminate one or more Lucca solutions

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If you are consulting this help sheet, it's because you have made the decision to terminate one or more Lucca solutions.

Below you will find the process to formalize your request.

1/ How to make a termination request?

  1. Complete the termination form (it will only take a few minutes). Please note: in accordance with our general terms and conditions of sale, you are required to respect a notice period of three months between your termination request and the desired end of your contract.
  2. A member of the Customer Loyalty team will contact you in the days following your request to schedule a phone call to definitively validate your termination request.
  3. Retrieve all your data before the termination of your contract and the cut-off of your access.

2/ How to retrieve your data?

Once the meeting has been held with a member of the Customer Loyalty team, you have until the end of the contract to retrieve your data.

After this date, you will no longer have the possibility to access your software.

Here is a help sheet that explains how to retrieve your data from the Lucca applications.

In addition, our general terms and conditions of sale stipulate that:

"At the end of the contract, for whatever reason, the customer will no longer have the right to the Services and will no longer have access to the subscribed solutions.

Lucca undertakes to make available to the Customer, upon request and for a maximum period of thirty (30) days following the end of the Contract, for whatever reason, the raw Data via exports in CSV format.

Any specific assistance will be invoiced by Lucca on a time-spent basis at the rate then in effect at Lucca.

At the end of this thirty (30) day period, Lucca will delete or have all the Data deleted, except for the pay slips uploaded by the Client via the "Pagga Pay Slip" Solution which will be kept for a period of 50 years from the end of the Contract."

3/ What about your upcoming invoices?

A closing invoice will be sent to you following your termination request as well as a credit note or a refund of the overpayment, if applicable.

If the invoice has just been issued, we will cancel this renewal invoice and will only send you the closing invoice.

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