Managing my languages in Poplee Engagement

This help sheet applies to the redesign of Poplee Engagement which will be deployed in the coming months. If you wish to open the online help for the current version you can go here.

Before you get started

With Poplee Engagement, we want you to be able to send surveys in all the languages spoken by your employees. We will explain to you how to do it.

Configuring the languages of my instance

The languages of the surveys

In the Settings tab from the menu in Poplee Engagement (on the left of your screen), you can configure the languages into which the survey questions can be translated. The following Poplee Engagement languages are available: 

  • French (FR and FR-CH)
  • English (US and UK)
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Flemish

By default, French is pre-selected. If you don't have employees who speak another language, you don't need to do anything.

If you have employees who speak multiple languages, you can add languages.

Several possible scenarios: 

  • I have colleagues who speak French, English and Dutch in the company. I want each employee to receive the survey in their language. So I select these three languages.
  • I have colleagues who speak French, English and Dutch in the company. But I want everyone to receive the questionnaire in English because it is our common language. I only select English.

The reference language

This is the reference language for translating the other languages. It is also the language in which the surveys will be sent to the employees who do not have a selected language.

Example: I have Spanish colleagues in my company. Spanish is not selected in the survey languages. The reference language is French: Spanish employees will therefore receive their survey in French.

By default, French is selected.

Configuring my campaign languages

When creating a campaign, I have a language settings section in which I can view the languages of my campaign.

By default I have all the languages of the instance.

I can remove one or more languages but I cannot add languages that are not defined in the instance.

If I delete the main language of the company, I have to choose a new one or I can't create my campaign.

Example: I am a French manager and I only have French people in my team who I am going to target with this campaign. I do not need other languages.

Translating the questions in my survey

The campaign and the surveys/questions it contains are displayed in the primary language of the instance by default.

To save a question, only the main language has to be filled in.

Questions from our Lucca library are automatically translated. If you create a personalized question, you will need to translate the question into the chosen languages yourself.


🚨 A survey cannot be sent if all the content (campaign and survey) is not translated into all the required languages. An optional field can be translated into 0, 1 or X languages.



  • What happens if a new employee arrives in the company and they have a new language?

Nothing, it's up to the administrator to manually add the language in the Language settings if they want.

  • What happens in a survey if a campaign/question template is used and certain languages are added to the campaign?

The language field in question is added. If the question has not been edited, the content is translated.

  • How are the results displayed?

The verbatim accounts will not be translated but displayed as written by the users.

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