The goal and goal question of my campaign: what's that?

This help sheet concerns the new version of Poplee Engagement deployed from September 2023 for everyone. If you would like to view the online help for Poplee Engagement - formerly Bloom at Work - you can go here.

Before you get started

Poplee Engagement uses the campaign, survey and question concepts.
They are explained in this article. Here, we will examine why we chose to introduce the concept of the campaign's goal question.

The goal of my campaign

A campaign is a series of surveys on the quality of life and working conditions, revolving around a particular theme: commitment, workload, CSR policy, management, etc.

When we decide to launch a campaign, it is because we want to measure something, we want to get answers on a subject, whether it is broad-based like "Taking the pulse of your teams" or more specific like "Monitoring the workload in team X".

All the questions that will be asked in my campaign surveys will revolve around this goal.

Choosing a goal question

In order to go further and have a key indicator to track, each campaign must have a goal question, which will be recurring and therefore asked at the end of each campaign survey:

  • If I start with a Lucca template: it is asked by default. For example, if you are launching an "Commitment" campaign, the goal question will be "Right now, I feel fulfilled in my work". Of course, you can select another one.
  • If I am starting from scratch: you must select one from the 470 questions in our library.

The average and the progress of my goal question

  • Results of my campaign: you can monitor the average of your goal question.

  • Results of my survey: you can monitor the progress of the goal question.

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