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Connector operation and setup with XOS

How the integration works 

      • Solutions involved: Poplee Core HR 
      • Type of integration: flat file 
      • Integration direction: Lucca to XOS

You will need to configure your HR file with the data below. The data is necessary for the correct functioning of the connector. 

This implementation requires a modification of the settings on Lucca:

  • creation of a user export in the format required by XOS
  • creation of a section in the HR file with the necessary data for XOS

When sending employee data to XOS, a dedicated section must be created in the employee's HR file with the following mandatory data:

    • Type of employee (will always be apprenant)
    • Employee username
    • Employee name
    • Employee’s first name
    • Employee's business email
    • Employee's establishment
    • XOS license start date (must be Date type data)
    • XOS license end date (must be Date type data)
    • Employee’s status (make a drop-down list with Yes and No)
    • Employee’s group (make a drop-down list with the groups you have defined in advance with your XOS training manager)
    • Import source (will always be LUCCA)

The settings in the PSRH export must be done in this order: 


Lucca data Export code Note
Type of employee type the data apprenant must be entered
Username login  
Last name last name  
First name first name  
Professional email email  
Employee's establishment company  
XOS license start date start date  
XOS license end date end date  
Employee status active indicate oui or non
Import source  XOS client (box reserved for XOS) the data LUCCA must be entered

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