Requesting and creating in-house training courses

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This help sheet explains how to request, suggest and create in-house training courses in Poplee Training. This requires you to enable certain permissions in the roles for Poplee Training.

Request an internal training course

Prerequisites: permission to view the catalog and to create/edit requests.

Internal training courses can be accessed from the catalog, in the same way as external training courses. The process is identical for any employee or manager who makes a request.

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Propose an in-house training course

Prerequisite: permission to make a non-catalog request.

To offer internal training as a trainer, you can submit a non-catalog request and specify:

- in the training url field, a link to slides or a document accessible to the HR team that outlines the program

- in the organization field, the link to the company's corporate site, to retrieve its logo, for example

As well as the title of the training course. Once reviewed by the HR admin, this training may be requested by other colleagues.

Add an internal training course directly to the catalog

Prerequisite: Poplee Training administration permission.

Internal training courses can be imported or manually added from the Administration > Training tab.

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The fields are similar to those for external training, with the exception of some data specific to this type of training:

- Identifying the in-house trainer(s) is a crucial stage in the training process. This means it is possible to define a group of trainers authorized to deliver the training to employees.
It is important to stress that when the session is created, only one in-house trainer needs to be selected from among those previously defined.

- pre-creation of the company as an organization. A good practice is to define an organization with the same name as the company.
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