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Evaluations are used to:

  • guarantee a catalog of quality training courses (offer different service providers, highlight well-evaluated training courses, improve training courses regularly);
  • help employees identify the most relevant training course for them and therefore maximize the return on investment (ROI) for the employee and the company (put interested employees in contact with former participants, improve analysis on the relevance of training courses in the catalog).

On-the-spot evaluation form in Poplee Training

The first version of the form contains just three standard questions, which enable us to obtain the employee’s opinion on three key aspects of a training course: how the training is facilitated, the content quality and the relevance of the training in relation to the employee’s goals.
In addition, the employee can choose whether or not to display their overall rating (this option is ticked by default).

image-20230918-151122 (1).png

Measuring satisfaction according to these three factors (facilitation, quality and relevance) seemed relevant to us for several reasons:

- These three factors constitute the lowest common denominator for training across different companies;

- It has elements of a short questionnaire, which encourages participants to fill it out, and elements of a more detailed questionnaire. This balance enables HR to use the results to take action efficiently.


We also think it is important to: 

- favor closed scaled-response questions in order to quantify a rating

- use an odd number of response options in order to offer a neutral option

- ask a maximum of six questions per evaluation form

- refuse anonymous evaluations 



Is it possible to customize the evaluation form? 

For the moment, the form cannot be edited and is the same for all courses. 

Is it possible to make certain questions optional? 

Closed questions are mandatory by default and open-ended questions are optional.

Can employees go back to questionnaires that they have already submitted? 

Non, employees cannot currently go back to a questionnaire that they have already submitted.

How is the overall rating calculated? 

It is the average of the three closed questions from the evaluation.

Who can read the evaluations?

Evaluations are confidential/private by default and are sent to the HR department and the manager. It's up to employees to decide whether or not their evaluations are displayed in the catalog.

Is it still possible to fill out the questionnaire once the deadline has passed?



Future developments (non-contractual)

Improve the evaluation form

  • Edit the question headings (but ensuring we still only have one form for all training courses)

Make it easier for the HR department to analyze evaluations

  • Summary of the scale-based evaluations of a training course 


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