Disable notifications from Poplee Training

As part of the deployment of Poplee Training, it may be necessary to transfer data from a training plan that has already started (training has already been carried out or planned). This requires the creation of requests and corresponding registrations in Poplee Training, resulting in notifications being sent to the people concerned.

To prevent employees from being notified during configuration, i.e. before the solution is put into production, it is possible to temporarily deactivate notifications sent by Poplee Training.

How is this done?

In the solution's "Administration" menu, click on "Settings", then go to the "Notifications" tab. 

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By selecting the "Yes" option, you will deactivate all instance notifications. No email or reminder will be sent as long as this option is selected. 

It is not possible to partially enable or disable notifications, which means that all users with access to the solution will no longer receive any notifications( you cannot specify that only administrators or a specific population will continue to receive them, for example). 

It is important to remember to reactivate these notifications once production has gone live, so that employees can track the progress of their requests, and managers can be informed when they have requests to prioritize. 

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