Managing goals and performance bonuses in Lucca

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Do you award performance bonuses to your employees for achieving quarterly or annual goals? This is how it works in your Lucca HRIS. 

If you have not yet subscribed to Poplee Performance or Pagga Compensation, please contact our sales department at the following address:


1/ Defining performance objectives on Poplee Performance and Goals

First, define the performance goal in the Goals module. Find out how to create a new individual goal for an employee.

Will certain goals have more influence than others on triggering or the amount of the performance bonus? This is how to activate and manage goal weighting for all employees


2/ Monitor and freeze progress towards goals 

Depending on the permissions granted (Cog wheel Roles Poplee Performance), employees and managers will be able to increase the progress percentage of their goals during their follow-up reviews:


At the end of the period, set goals via your quarterly, half-yearly or annual review campaign:


3/ Calculate the bonus amount according to the achievement of goals

Export the details of the goals as they were at the time of the reviews via the campaign export. Calculate bonus amounts according to the progress percentage of goals.  


4/ Entering performance bonuses in Pagga Compensation

Once the bonus amount has been calculated, enter it in Pagga Compensation. If you have not already done so, create a variable remunaration type "performance bonus". See our page Configure the types of variable remuneration (VRI)


There are several possibilities here:


5/ Transfer bonus amounts to the payroll manager

Several options are available:

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