Exporting data using the Reports module

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The Poplee Training reports module generates three types of reports: 

- a report on requests in progress 

- a training history report

- a report on internal trainers

It is accessible from the menu for users with "Access to reports module" right.

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Of course, the data accessible in these reports depends on the user's rights: an employee with the right to view only the requests of their supervised employees will only see the requests in progress or completed training courses of their supervised employees in the reports.

Training requests report

This report contains all current requests from active employees (you will not see current requests from former employees), i.e. requests with the following status:

- "Awaiting prioritization"

- "Pending processing"

- "Awaiting registration" .

Report on the history of training completed

This report contains all the training courses completed via Poplee Training or which have been imported (Help page for importing a history of completed training courses) for current and former employees.

The data accessible in the Establishment, Department and Occupation Category columns corresponds to the employee's contract data valid at the time the training was completed (i.e. the data applicable at the session end date).

If an employee's Establishment and Occupation Category data are empty in your report, it is likely that no contract exists in the employee's HR file at the session end date for this training course.

Report on internal trainers

This report contains details of the sessions offered by internal trainers, including:
- start and end dates
- training duration in hours
- number of participants
Please note that this report is only visible to users with the "Administering Poplee Training" right.

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