The steps of a training request

To begin using Poplee Training, it is useful to remember the concepts behind the solution. These are keywords that you will frequently come across in the interfaces:

Training catalog: The training catalog lists all training offered by a company to its employees, whether internal or external.

Training request: Formal declaration of a training action requested by an employee, their manager or HR. A request concerns a training course in the catalog or offered by the employee (non-catalog ). The manager prioritizes this request to help the HR department decide on the skills development plan. 

Training session: Scheduled period of training, organized for one or more employees, for a specific training course and organization. To process a request, you need to register an employee for a session.

Skills development plan (or training plan): Groups together all planned training activities (i.e. sessions) for a given period, for one or more establishments and financed by the company or other sources (OPCO, grants). The training budget is defined with respect to the plan. 

In Poplee Training, requests submitted by users of any role will follow a specific path, depending on the choices and actions to be taken. The below table provides you with an overview of the entire circuit followed by a training request. There may also be shortcuts in certain cases (e.g. an administrator can directly register an employee for a session without the employee making a request). 




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