Career management within the HR File

Career management is included in the new version of the HR file that is currently being deployed. If you wish to activate it now, please let us know by sending a message to our support team.


It is essential to know which position the employees occupy at the moment, but it is also important to be able to retrace their career paths in the company in order to respond to various HR or organizational issues.


The HR file's Career section allows you to report upcoming changes (new position, new manager, move up to a higher grade) while storing past information. You can also add past information to catch up with the employee's history.

An employee's career is defined by three concepts:

  • Job assignments: allows you to define the employee's job title and the department they belong to;
  • Qualification: corresponds to the level of qualification linked to a certain position (junior, confirmed, senior, staff, etc.). Qualifications are defined in a customizable table described in this article. If you want to activate the qualification feature, please contact your support.
  • Manager: supervises the employee.

Each item includes an effective date to project changes into the future.

How to manage the career section?

The career section consists of a home page displaying information applicable at the moment, with access to history for each item.

Declare an upcoming change

To declare a change, you can click on the corresponding button from the main "Career" section. You will then be able to indicate which changes you wish to report, and an effective date. You will then only have to fill in the new information.

View history and change assignments

To view history and possible future changes, you can click on "Show all" in the different "blocks". The number of assignments is shown in the main title.


You will see the list of assignments sorted from most recent to oldest. From this interface, you can modify or delete some assignments.

Transferring supervised co-workers

If you want to transfer all or part of the supervised co-workers, you can click on the corresponding button in the “management” block of the section.


You will be able to choose the list of employees to be transferred and the effective date of this transfer (usually the date of mobility of the manager or the date they leave the company). It is also possible to define an end date, if ever a temporary manager is needed.


What to do when an employee leaves?

Simply close the employee's current contract by entering an end date and a reason. It will not be necessary to enter an end date for the different assignments in the Career section.

Is history automatically stored from previous changes?

No, modifications made to the various data do not allow us to determine the effective date of this modification. However, you can contact our support to get the list of these modifications so that we can prepare a file to import.

How can I retrieve the career history of all my employees?

You can enter the career history of an employee from their HR file. If you wish to do so for all your employees, an import module is available. Only job assignments can be imported at this time. The import of managers' history and qualifications will be available soon.

Can I run a history report?

The reporting module does not currently allow you to retrieve information on current assignments (or future assignments for a future employee, or past assignments for an ex-employee).

A new reporting module is planned for the next few months to allow you to run reports on history, in addition to current data.

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