HR file : what's new for 2023

The new HR file is being deployed to our customers. Should you want to activate it soon, please feel free to reach our support team.

The HR File evolves in 2023 in order to help you better manage your employee information thanks to several features:

  • Better tracking of employees' careers thanks to the storage of key information;
  • Creation of contract amendments to apply contractual modifications without creating a new contract;
  • Automation of the French Social Registration (DPAE) for a new employee;
  • Many HR file interface optimizations.

Employee career management

Employee career is currently defined by the following information:

  • Job title, describing the employee's role in the company
  • The department in which the employee works (their team most of the time)
  • Manager
  • Qualification (which describes their job and their level in the company)

This information is not stored currently, meaning that you can not have a clear idea of the employee career through time, and that you are not able to plan changes in the future.

The purpose of this evolution is to address these two issues. To do this, a new “career” section has been added to HR file and now allows you to declare positions held by the employee, the qualifications acquired during their time in the company, and the managers who have supervised them during their time in the company. You can declare those changes in the future so that changes will apply at the selected date.

More information on career management in this article.

Contract amendments

Certain changes in the employee's career, such as a company transfer, a change in status or in working hours, do not require the creation of a new contract. An amendment to the initial contract is sufficient.

With this new version, you can keep the employee's current contract and declare these changes by associating an amendment with an effective date in the future. It indicates the new establishment and/or the new socio-professional category. You can also add a related document, and a comment if needed, to describe more precisely the changes due to this amendment.

All information about contract management in this article.

French Social Registration automation

This section only applies to employees based in France. For all new hirings, you have to declare the employee to the French social Administration. This notification is made directly by filling in a form on your URSSAF company account.

The new version of the HR file will automatically declare every new employee to French administration via API. Declaration status is visible on the employee contract.

Should you want to activate this feature and have more information, you can read this article.

HR File interface optimizations

These new features are combined with several UX enhancements, making navigation easier and improving the readability of the information. Among those new features you will find:

  • A home page, accessible by administrators and managers, facilitating access to other employee's files, particularly direct reports;
  • Widgets highlighting key information of the employee's current situation (establishment, position, manager, etc.);
  • A new way of displaying complex information.

See all interface changes in this article.

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