How to communicate efficiently when impleting a new Lucca tool

One of the keys to the successful implementation of a new tool is internal communication. It must be anticipated, clear, and repeated to provide each employee with answers to their questions. Here are our recommendations and templates to customize according to your needs.


Announcing the arrival of the new tool

✉️ Send an email to all employees at least 6 weeks before the solution is available

Hello everyone,

Soon, new Lucca solutions will be implemented within COMPANY NAME. This environment includes several modules to meet your needs as an employee.

To introduce this change as effectively as possible, we invite you to discover the tools through short presentations:

  • Collaborators: your HR file that allows you to gather all the information about you. Feel free to modify the data to complete or update it.
  • Timmi Absences: your leave and absence management tool; you will be able to access your leave balances in real-time and make future estimates. Your leave requests can be made from a PC, tablet, or smartphone with just a few clicks.
  • Cleemy Expense : the expense report management interface will be accessible on your computer, tablet, or phone for quickly and easily declaring your expenses.
  • Pagga Pay Slips: you will be able to access your pay slips whenever you want, whether at the office or remotely. With Pagga, we will digitize the distribution of your pay slips. Every month, you will be notified as soon as your pay slips are deposited in your personal space and will be permanently accessible. If you still wish to receive your pay slips in paper format, please let me know quickly.
  • Poplee Performance: the interface will allow you to prepare for your interviews and you will also be able to transparently track your objectives.
  • Pagga Compensation: the variable pay management tool will mainly be accessible to managers and administrators to streamline remuneration.
  • Timmi Timesheet: your time tracking tool, with simplified entry and the ability to pre-fill your work hours each week.
  • Poplee Engagement: the survey that gives you a voice on your quality of work life.

These new solutions involve a tool change. Therefore, you have until DATE to use the TOOL before access is cut off...

See you soon for more information!


✏️ Add a banner to integrate into your email signature

To communicate over time before the arrival of this new tool, create and integrate banners into your email signatures.

All your exchanges will contribute to the promotion and adoption of Lucca by employees.


📚 Provide user guides

You will find on our help center our user/manager guides and videos.


✉️ Send a reminder email about the opening of the solutions a few days before the tool is implemented

Hello everyone,

The implementation of our new HRIS tool is approaching and it involves some changes.

As a reminder, starting from DATE, access to leave requests, expense report entry, and other solutions will be cut off until the launch of our new tool.

For any urgent situation, please contact the HR department.


👩‍🏫 Announce the arrival of the tool during a general presentation

Do you organize monthly or quarterly meetings with all your employees? Present the tool on this occasion by connecting to the demo environment provided by the Lucca sales representative and remind them of the dates when the tool will be available.


The day of the tool implementation

✉️ Inform employees of the opening of Lucca and officially notify them by email

Hello everyone,

As you have probably seen through our communication campaign in recent weeks, today we are starting to use Lucca, our new HRIS tool.

  1. To access it, log in to the address

→ Remember to bookmark it.

To log in for the first time (adjust according to your login method):

  • For the first time, click on the link "First connection" and enter your work email to create a password. You will then log in using your login and this password. At any time, you can reset your password by clicking on "Forgot password".
  • For subsequent logins, you can enter your login and the password you set during your first login.

Attached are concise user guides to help you get started with the tool. As you will notice, they are user-friendly and intuitive tools.

A webinar/video conference is scheduled on XX/XX/XXXX to answer your questions about the tool and internal process changes.

If you have any urgent questions or concerns about your personal situation, the HR team is at your disposal.

Enjoy exploring the tool!


One week after the tool implementation

👩‍🏫 Organize a webinar to answer your employees' questions

After a week of use, some users may have similar questions about internal company policies or the new tools. The goal is to clarify any uncertainties to reduce HR requests and resistance to change.

  • How? Organize a webinar accessible to all employees.
  • What format? A Q&A session via your teleconferencing tool or an in-person session if possible. Allow 1 hour for the presentation.
  • Clearly define the purpose of the meeting to avoid discussing personal cases during the session: "We will present the Lucca modules for those who have not had the opportunity to connect to them to date and answer your questions."
  • Provide a reminder about expense, leave, or time tracking policies. Feel free to indicate where to consult the leave, time tracking, or expense policies in the solutions.


📣 Make an initial communication via the Communications block on the Lucca homepage to share best practices

Hello everyone,

We invite you to discover 3 best practices for our new tools!

#1 Download the mobile application

We invite you to download the mobile applications available on iPhone and Android: Timmi, Cleemy Expenses.

#2 Activate your delegation

Before going on vacation, remember to activate your delegation. Delegation can be activated only during your leave, for a specific period, or permanently. This way, leave approval requests and expense reports will be forwarded to the designated person.

#3 Consult the leave, time tracking, and expense policies in the applications

This way, you can always know how many leave days you are entitled to for a wedding, what to do for overtime hours, or the maximum amount for hotel expenses during your business trips.

See you soon for more best practices!


📋 Distribute a satisfaction questionnaire to employees

After one month of use, distribute a questionnaire (via Poplee Performance if you have subscribed to this solution) to users in order to:

1 - Obtain quantitative feedback to present to your management.

2 - Gain a better understanding of how your employees are using the software.

3 - Identify areas for improvement in configuration, communication, or processes for your department.

Analyze the responses from your employees and schedule personalized exchange sessions with employees who have not yet used the tool or who are experiencing difficulties.


🤝 Incorporate Lucca solutions into your company rituals

For example, you can start your team meetings by discussing the mood of employees over the past period, reviewing the responses from the last Poplee Engagement survey, reminding employees to declare their expense reports before a certain date, etc.


With each new hire

We recommend introducing Lucca solutions to new hires:

  • Include a brief explanation of the Lucca solutions used in your "welcome handbook" and provide the login URL and how to log in (SSO or "first connection").
  • If you have a moment with the new hire, present the tools directly on your Lucca platform.
  • If the new hire is a manager, you can provide them with user/manager guides and videos, as well as points to consider regarding the validation of employee elements (timesheets, leave requests, expense reports...).

If the new hire will be an administrator of Lucca solutions:

  • Schedule a time to introduce the tool, your daily HR actions, and important moments such as employee arrivals/departures, payroll processing, employee transfers, etc.
  • If the person needs to quickly acquire the necessary skills, provide them with self-paced training resources available on our help center. Feel free to ask us to reset the test environment so they can perform manipulations or follow the test script used during deployment.
  • Encourage the future administrator to spend time on our help center:
  • If needed, contact Lucca support for assistance and to request a training order for the new administrator.

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