Import a history of training completed

Before you get started

When you first roll out Poplee Training, or during the year, you need to import new training courses into your catalog.

To do this, you need to download the import file in your language and then you must follow the instructions below to complete it.

(FR) Import des formations réalisées / (EN) Completed trainings import / (ES) Importación de formaciones realizadas /  (DE) Import absolvierte Schulungen

Imported training courses will not be included in the current plan, so their costs will not be taken into account in the plan’s budget monitoring.

Steps to follow

Complete the file import template

If you need the list of user logins, you can generate a report by following the instructions in this help sheet.

Fill in the columns of the import file, using the table below as a guide: 

Column Mandatory data for import? Expected format Comment
Employee username Oui   The login must exist in Lucca
Training title Oui 250 characters max  
Type of training Oui Value from the following list:
- External
- Internal
Organization name Oui 250 characters max  
Organization URL Non Valid URL (example of a valid URL: This link displays the organization's logo in the interfaces
Start date Oui Date format MM/DD/YYYY  
End date Oui Date format MM/DD/YYYY Must be greater than or equal to the start date.
Must not be in the future (must be less than the current date)
Duration (hours) Oui Positive decimal  
Certified training Non Value from the following list: 0 ; 1

0 = No

1= Yes

Training category Non Value from the following list: The categories in the training catalog

List cannot be modified

Training level Non Value from the following list: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert List cannot be modified
Cost Non Positive decimal number (2 max) (or = 0) E.g., 1000,00
Currency Non Value from the following list: currency code in circulation by country according to international standard ISO 4217

Mandatory if a cost is entered.

E.g. EUR

Expiry date Non Date format MM/DD/YYYY This information is used to monitor training deadlines

Import the file into Poplee Training

Once the file has been completed, you can import it by following the path below.
This import does not generate notifications sent to employees.

Errors during import

The import will be blocked if Poplee Training detects duplicates. There are two types of duplicates:

  • In your file, if two rows are identical (same login, title, organization, start date and end date)
  • Between a row in your file and your database (same login, title, organization, start date and end date)

The import can also be blocked if you do not respect the correct file structure:

  • Do not delete or add columns to the template
  • Maximum of 5,000 lines allowed

Deleting imports 

Is there an error in your history import? No problem, you can delete it and import a new training history. 

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