Schedule the sending of the surveys in Poplee Engagement

This help sheet applies to the redesign of Poplee Engagement which will be deployed in the coming months. If you wish to open the online help for the current version you can go here.

Before you get started

Poplee Engagement allows you to manage all communications independently.

You can schedule all the dates of your next surveys, the time when they are sent, choose to send (or not send) a reminder, and delete or edit a send slot.

This help sheet explains how to do this.

Choosing a send date

You validated the content of your survey, and you now want to schedule when it is sent. To do this, you have two options.

Option 1: Using the button in the campaign

At the top of your campaign page, if you do not have a scheduled send, we suggest you click on the button to "Schedule the next dispatch". You can choose a date to send your survey.


Then simply click on "Schedule" for your send to be taken into account.

Option 2: In the calendar

In the "Scheduled sends" tab of your campaign, you have a calendar. Simply click on the date of your choice to schedule the send. A window (the same one as in option 1) will open, with the chosen date pre-selected. Then simply click on "Schedule" for your send to be taken into account.

Deleting a send

If you have scheduled a send by mistake, or want to edit or delete the send date, you must click on the date in question in the calendar. A window opens, in which you can change the date or simply delete the send.

Configuring your sends

Below the calendar, you can configure your sends.

The duration of the survey

The survey has a closing date which has been defined from the start. This is where you can choose the number of days your employees have to complete the survey.

By default, we put one week in order to prompt a speedy response and leave time between two surveys to analyze the results, debrief with the teams and think about the actions to put in place.


You can decide (or not) to schedule a reminder X days before the survey closes. Only employees who have not yet responded to the survey will receive the reminder email.


You can choose the send time (survey and reminder) and the closing time of the results. 

Time zone management: All the establishments selected in the population targeting for the campaign are taken into account. Employees, whether they are in New York, Paris or Beijing, will all receive the Poplee Engagement survey at the time set by the administrator. Example: 10 a.m. in each country.



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