Creating a survey in a Poplee Engagement campaign

This help sheet applies to the redesign of Poplee Engagement which will be deployed in the coming months. If you wish to open the online help for the current version you can go here.

Before you get started

Poplee Engagement suggests campaign templates that are ready to use. But you can also create a campaign from scratch and/or add a survey to your current campaign. This help sheet explains how to do this.

Create a survey

In your campaign, click "Create a survey".


Search for a question

In the question selection panel you can search for a question by keyword in the "Search for a question" field or filter by pillar or type of question (score or open).


Select questions

Select the questions you are interested in before clicking "Add to survey". Your survey will appear after the others in the campaign.

Add a personalized question

If none of the questions suit your requirements, you can create a personalized question by clicking on the button at the bottom left of the question selection window.

You must enter the title of the question, a contextual aid (optional), the type of question and choose a pillar from the list.


Find your goal question

All the surveys of a particular campaign end with the campaign's goal-tracking question. This question cannot be edited in the page of a survey. If you want to edit it, you can do this in the campaign settings.

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