Creating a campaign in Poplee Engagement

This help sheet applies to the redesign of Poplee Engagement which will be deployed in the coming months. If you wish to open the online help for the current version you can go here.

Before you get started

Poplee Engagement allows you to create a campaign to send surveys to your employees that is based on a particular theme.

You must have the right to Create or administer campaigns in the administration of the Lucca roles.

To get started, click on the "Create a campaign" button in the Campaigns tab of the solution.

Defining the theme of your campaign

Poplee Engagement offers several ready-to-use campaign templates. A search bar allows you to search for a campaign by keyword.

You can click Preview to see all the content of a template, e.g. all the surveys and questions they contain.

If you like the content of a template, or if you think it could provide a solid reference base, you can click "Use this template".

If you have a specific idea in mind and want to survey your employees on a specific subject, click on "Create a customized campaign".

Configuring your campaign

The goal and the goal question

You arrive on the settings panel of your campaign. Indeed, you must give it a name, a goal and a question so that you can track the progress made toward the goal.

If you selected a template, this information is pre-filled but editable. If you are starting from scratch, you must fill in this information.

The choice of participants

What you need to do in both cases is choose who the survey participants will be.

Would you like to survey the entire company? Don't do anything. By default, all the employees are selected.

Do you want to target a department? an establishment? a job? Use filters to target the population to be surveyed.

The filters combine. Example: I choose the "Nantes" establishment and the "Sales" department, so I will only target Sales employees working on the Nantes site.

Validate your campaign and start work

Is everything filled in and does it seem correct to you? You can click on "Create the campaign" and go straight to your campaign.

You can always edit your campaign settings by clicking on "Settings" at the top right of your campaign.

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