How we preserve the confidentiality of the responses made in Poplee Engagement

This help sheet applies to the redesign of Poplee Engagement which will be deployed in the coming months. If you wish to open the online help for the current version you can go here.

Before you get started

With Poplee Engagement, we want you to be able to confidentially share your feedback on your quality of life at work with your employer.

So that you can do this under the best conditions, here are the answers to some of the questions that are most often asked. In this way, you will know how we guarantee the confidentiality of your responses at all times during the Poplee Engagement experience.


Privacy rules for everyone

Our Privacy criteria apply to all Poplee Engagement users (user, manager, HR, Lucca help desk). These rules are common to all our clients and ensure that people with access to the results cannot identify the person responding.


How is data displayed in Poplee Engagement?

Poplee Engagement results are always displayed for a group of people (e.g. department). They are displayed in an aggregated form and we do not allow filtering of one or more particular individuals.

The shared information is as follows:

  • The population investigated as part of the survey
  • Participation rate
  • For each question the distribution of user responses



For each comment, we only display the comment and the score. The order of the comments is random in order to avoid overlapping.




If there are only two of us who responded to the survey or I am alone in my department, it is easy to identify us.

The Privacy criteria apply in both cases and cannot be traced back to you. In each case, the results of your department will not be displayed. The results of a more global department (containing more people) must be displayed in order to access the information.


By filtering between different departments, I can easily cross-reference the information to see who answered what.

The Privacy criteria ensures that there is a difference of at least 3 people between your department and your parent department. Consequently, your answers are mixed in with those of other people.


Should I be careful when I leave a comment or answer an open question?

For the comments as well for the scores, we do not share your identity. However, remember that your comments will be read by people who know you, so do not write things that could identify you if you do not want to.


  • If you are the only one working on a project right now, do not name the project, because it would be easy to work out that it's you.
  • If you are the only woman on a team, use gender-neutral expressions : "After my maternity leave" would easily identify you.


My manager responded to my comment, so he knows who I am?

During the discussions with comments, we act as an interface between you and your manager to protect your identity and will never communicate it to them.
So you can answer them with complete confidence


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