Declaring remuneration variables

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Pagga Compensation allows you to decentralize the entry of remuneration variables to those in charge ofdata entry.

The people in charge of data entry have a role that grants them one or two of the following rights: "Must submit variable proposals every month" and "Can make one-time variable proposals".

They will then have access to the following screens: 


This module enables those in charge of data entry to submit variables allocated to them for designated users.


Monthly submission

The "Must submit variable proposals every month" permission requires those in charge of data entry to make a monthly submission using the "Monthly submission" module. For each pay due date, they mustenter the variable proposals for their team. (1) Once done, they must submit these variables. (2)



It is also possible to import by simply copying and pasting from an Excel file. 

At the bottom of the module screen you will find an import button (1), you then need to download the import matrix containing the types and persons in charge of data entry are authorized to declare (2). Finally, simply copy the contents of the completed matrix to import the variable submission (3).




Variable proposal

The "Can make one-time variable proposals" permission gives the right to propose variables from among the types authorized by the administrator for the benefit of the designated persons.

The person in charge of data entry must select a period (1) and click on "Add a variable" (2). They fill in the form and click on "Submit variable proposal" to submit it for approval.



Monitor a variable submission or proposal

Once the submission or proposal has been created, you can monitor its approval from the "Variable proposal" menu. It shows the current approval status of a submission or proposal (3), the information it contains, and the next approver.



If the proposal has been rejected you can submit a new one. (2)


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