Changes in HR File interface

The new version of the HR file is currently being deployed. If you wish to activate it now, please let us know by sending a message to our support.

HR File homepage

Among new features, Poplee Core HR introduces a new home page in the HR file (accessible to managers and administrators, who often have to go to other users' files):


  1. The search bar allows you to find an employee via first or last name. Job title and photo are displayed to differentiate homonyms.
  2. Supervised employees are displayed in the center of the page with a direct link to their HR file. Employees matching search terms will be displayed in the same place.

    Employees who have left the company are displayed by default (and visible to those who have the associated permission). A "gone" tag indicates if the employee has left the company, another "future" tag indicates if the employee in question has not yet arrived.

  3. At the bottom right, a button "Create a new employee" opens a window to create a HR file. More details on this help sheet.

The new structure of a co-worker's HR file:


  1. This button allows you to navigate from one HR file to another with the same search experience as the home page.
  2. Widgets display a summary of the employee's situation: their current contract details, their current job title, the name of their manager or the number of employees they supervise. A pop-up lists the supervised employees and includes links to their HR files.
  3. There are two types of sections: standard sections and custom sections.

    The standard sections include the necessary data for the proper functioning of Lucca applications. There are four main sections: general information, career, contracts, and application information.

    Following the four standard sections, the navigation menu displays all the custom sections added by the administrator.

  4. The career section allows you to declare a change of position, manager, and qualification at the same time (or one of the three only). A secondary page gives a clear overview of the employee's evolution within the company.

    If a link appears below a block, it allows you to display the multi-occurring compound data. Only one data will be displayed by default (depending on the configuration of the data), you have to click on the link to consult all the data.

  5. You can access the modification history at the bottom of the navigation menu.

Customized sections:

If you have subscribed to our Poplee Core HR solution, you can create your own data, which can be:

  • simple data : a data title and a value;
  • or compound data: several simple data grouped under a parent data.

In both cases, you can define if several values are possible for a field, it will be then a multi-occurrence data. To learn more about these data formats, read this article.


The order of data fields in customized sections is defined in the settings, in the HR Data tab. Simple data can be found in a first block, and just after you can find compound or multi-occurring datas, in separate blocks. Subsections display different occurrences through a dedicated link.

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