Implementing the approval circuit for variables in Pagga Compensation

Before you get started

Pagga Compensation decentralizes the inputting of variables with certain users, e.g. managers, and submits their variable proposals to a configurable approval circuit. Only variable proposals, which have been permanently approved, can be exported in payroll and are visible to their beneficiary.

In 3 configuration steps, determine:

-What are the variables to be decentralized by the person responsible for entering the data?

- What are the stages of the approval circuit and their approvers?

- The frequency of the reminder notifications to the submitters and approvers. 

Before starting work on the settings, take stock of the types of variables that you want to decentralize by data entry lead and by data entry mode. 

Bear in mind that you can use two input modes:

  • the monthly submission for managers who must submit monthly variable proposals for the employees that they supervise
  • one-time entry which allows "authorized" users to make variable proposals for a predefined population (without there having to be a direct organizational link between the submitter and the beneficiary).

You can use the "example" table below to do this preparatory work.


Configuration procedure

Step 1: Create lists of variable types and assign them to data entry leads via their role 

In the Settings > Approval circuit menu, "List of variable types" tab, click "Create a list"

  1- Give the list a name

  2- Select the variable types to link to the list

  3- Save the list


In the role administration console, 

  4- and 5- Activate the permissions corresponding to the input modes and link the corresponding type lists to each of the roles, specifying the limits of the beneficiary population.

  6- Save the modifications made.


If necessary, do not hesitate to create dedicated secondary roles to assign lists of variable types to specific data entry leads.

Step 2: Configure the approval flow steps and the linked approvers

In Settings > Approval circuit, "Approval circuit settings" tab, click "Configure an approval circuit".

The approval circuit is unique, it is made up of branches made up of successive steps. Each step corresponds to an approver. A step can be conditional depending on the establishment, the nature of the variable or a value threshold. The number of steps is unlimited, however we recommend not exceeding 3 steps so as not to weigh down your monthly variable collection process.

1- Add a step or offshoot*


2- In the case of a conditional step, select the condition from the following options:  

  • establishment of the beneficiary;
  • variable type;
  • a variable value threshold linked to an operator (>, >=,<, <= )


3- Enter an approver from the following options: 

  • manager of the submitter (specifying their level: N+1, N+2, etc.)
  • manager of the beneficiary (specifying their level: N+1, N+2, etc.)
  • head of the beneficiary's department
  • a named user.


4- Save the configuration of the approval circuit. 


In the case of a modification of an already existing circuit with variable proposals in the process of being approved, the modifications made to your circuit will only apply to future proposals of declared variables.


* Adding an offshoot 

A specific branch can be created by adding an offshoot. A branch is accessed by fulfilling an entry condition. You can add as many branches as you want, the last branch of your offshoot determines the approval steps when none of the conditions of the previous branches are met.    

The order, in which you define your branches is important, given that the approval path of a variable will be directed towards the first branch that fulfills the configured condition and, failing that, towards the last one.


Example of approval circuit settings: 

Case of a simple circuit (1 branch) with 1 mandatory step followed by a conditional step

  • 1st step: all the variable proposals are approved by the line manager (N+1) of the submitter
  • 2nd conditional stage: if the value of the variable is greater than or equal to €1,000, then the variable proposal must also be approved by the head of the beneficiary's department before being permanently approved.


Case of a complex circuit (three branches), with two branches that depend on the type of the variable and a third branch for all the other variable types.

  • 1st branch: If the beneficiary of the proposal belongs to the "Lucca España" establishment, then the approver is the manager of the submitter, and if the value of the proposal is greater than or equal to €1500, a 2nd approval by the head of the department is required.
  • 2nd branch: If the variable proposal is a down payment request then it will be directly approved by the HR manager.
  • 3rd branch: for all other variables, the proposals will be approved by the submitter's manager.





Step 3: Enable email notifications to reporters and approvers based on your payroll schedule deadlines

In the Settings menu > Approval circuit > "Notification settings" tab, you can enable/disable the notifications generated by the approval circuit intended for the submitters or approvers.

Remember to check the settings of the due dates of your two payroll milestones in the Settings menu > Milestones and notifications. These two due dates are used to automatically trigger reminder notifications for submitters and approvers.


the implementation is complete, you will find below the download links of the Pagga Compensation user guides: 

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