The variable approval workflow in Pagga Compensation.

Before you get started

Pagga Compensation allows you to set up an variable remuneration approval circuit for, ensuring smooth, secure retrieval of variables from employees and managers every month. 

Description of the features

This feature allows you to decentralize the entry of certain variable proposals in draft mode, so they can be submitted for approval before being displayed to the beneficiary and exported to payroll. Two entry modes can be configured to cover all use cases:

  • entry from a monthly grid intended for managers who have to declare the variable proposals of the employees they supervise every month.
  • a one-time entry allowing "authorized" users to make one-time variable proposals for a predefined population (with no hierarchical link between the submitter and the beneficiary).

As an administrator, you can:

- Customize the list of variables that can be entered, by role and by entry mode.

- Configure each step of the approval circuit to determine the approver (submitter’s manager, beneficiary's manager, beneficiary's department manager or a named user). Steps may be mandatory or conditional, depending on the establishment, the variable type or a value threshold.

- Monitor the progress of monthly variable declarations by managers.

- Manage automatic and manual reminder notifications to submitters and approvers.

As a manager with the "Must declare variable proposals every month" permission, you will be:

- Invited to declare your input grid of variable proposals for your team for each pay period.

- You will be notified by email of the next due date for the end of variable collection, failure to declare on time will result in an email reminder.

As a user with the "Can make one-time variable proposals" permission, you can:

- One-time declaration of variable proposals for a population predefined by your administrator

As an approver, you can:

- Approve the variable proposals submitted to you in bulk or individually.

- Individually refuse variable proposals submitted to you, with justification.

Implementation methods

This feature can be activated at any time and does not require any additional subscription to the Pagga Compensation application. 

Implementation assistance is required, and a commercial proposal will be provided to you. Make your request on our help center ( 

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