Schedule and set goals via review campaigns

Schedule goal updates

To encourage your employees to update their goals, you can add questions about their goals to your review campaigns (click here for more information). 


This will ensure that your employees define their goals together with their manager during performance reviews.
You also have the option of launching a updating goals campaign specifically for the employee.

For example, if you define your goals quarterly, you can launch a mid-quarter campaign with the employee as the reviewer: 



This will remind the employee to update the progress and/or status of their goals, and comment on them if necessary for discussion with their manager. 


Another way of scheduling goal updates is to use email notification. You can choose the number of days before an employee is automatically notified if their goals have not been modified. 



Setting goals

Would you like to set your goals at the end of a period or financial year, or close them? 

We suggest you use the review campaign. In fact, once the reviews have been conducted, the goals are set in the state they were in at the time of the review, and can no longer be modified after the review.


However, your goals can continue to evolve in the goals module. Each change will be recorded and available in the goal history as shown below:


You can also export the goal details as they were at the time of the review via the campaign export (to help you calculate bonuses, for example): 





For examples of review templates with goals click here. 

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