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If you have Poplee Training as well as Poplee Performance, you will be able to benefit from a new type of question Ongoing requests and training courses in the settings of your campaign form, a practical tool allowing you to pace and collect requests for training but also to allow the evaluated employee and their manager to discuss them during the interview, which is the perfect time to do so.

Question type Ongoing requests and training courses:

This new question type will enable you to include training requests and ongoing training in Poplee Training status in your employee reviews:

- Pending processing

- Pending registration

- Getting started

- Pending


Note: Completed training courses will not appear in this question. Another type of question will be developed in the future to answer specific use cases.

Request button

If your employees have the permissions to: Create and edit training requests or Create non-catalog requests, then they will have access to a "Request" button in the question to make a request, and will be redirected to a new tab on the Poplee Training Catalog.



View the details of a request

If your employees have permission to View training requests, they can then click on the training inserts in their reviews (redirecting them to Poplee Training) to view training details such as training history.




Users with permission to prioritize training requests on Poplee Training can configure or update training priorities by clicking on the prioritization button. They will then be redirected toPoplee Training on the request prioritization page.

Note: as with Poplee Training, only requests with Pending Registration and Pending Processing status can be prioritized. 

If I have the permission to prioritize: mceclip7.png


If I do not have the permission to prioritize:


Interview completed

Once the review has been completed, the requests and ongoing training during the review are frozen and can no longer be modified after the review. They can always be updated on Poplee Training.

PDF summary

Once the interview is over, your ongoing requests and training courses will appear in the PDF summary.


Example of a template ready to import:

- Professional review


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