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Managing and using my Cleemy card

Managing my physical card

Managing and using my Cleemy card

How do I add my card to Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Cleemy permanent cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You can add your Cleemy card to Apple Pay from the Cards application on your iPhone. 

You can add your Cleemy card to Google Pay from the Google Pay application.

Payments by phone require authentication on your part (TouchID or FaceID) and contactless limits do not apply.

If you order a physical Cleemy card, it must be activated before you can add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How do I update my phone number?

Have you changed your phone number? Your number is used to send you strong authentication SMS messages (payment approval, card number check, etc.), so it's important that it is up to date in our databases.

To change your number, please take a selfie while holding your ID card and send it via email to the following addresses:

How do I update my email address?

Have you changed your email address? In order to update it with our payment partner, please send us an email from your old email address informing us of your new address to:

How do I reset my security code?

During your initial identity check with our partner, you set up a code that will enable you to approve your sensitive transactions.

If you forget your code and need to reset it, click on “Forgotten code” on the mobile page for approving sensitive transactions, then on “Reset” and set your new code. For security reasons, you may be asked to prove your identity via facial recognition, or you may choose to be contacted by our partner's support team.

How do I report a fraudulent transaction?

See our dedicated help page: Managing a fraudulent transaction with a Cleemy card

Managing my physical card

How do I order my physical card?

If your account manager has given you permission, you can order your physical card yourself. To do this, open Cleemy Expenses, go to the “Payment Card” tab and click on “Order physical format”. A form will open on the right-hand side, and you'll need to enter the delivery address for the card. Once the card has been ordered and dispatched, you can track your card by clicking on the delivery tracking link.

Where can I find the PIN code for my physical card?

The PIN code of your physical card is available in the Cleemy Expenses application, in the Payment Card section. Then click on “View PIN”.

What's the difference between my PIN code and my security code?

You’ll be asked to enter the PIN code for your physical card when you pay at a payment terminal. You’ll be asked to enter the security code you set during your identity check to approve your sensitive transactions.

How do I activate my physical card?

Once you have received your physical card, you can activate it via Cleemy Expenses, in the Payment Card section, by clicking on “Activate card”.

What should I do if I lose my card or if it is stolen?

If you have lost your physical card or it has been stolen, you can cancel it from the Cleemy Expenses interface and order a new one (if your administrator has given you the permission to do so).

How do I temporarily block my physical Cleemy card?

If you cannot find your Cleemy card in physical format, you can temporarily block it from your Cleemy Expenses interface. Once you have found it, you can also unblock it from Cleemy Expenses.

How do I unblock my card after entering the wrong pin code three times?

If you enter your pin code incorrectly three times, your card is automatically blocked for a temporary period on Cleemy Expenses. After 24 hours, you can deactivate the “temporary block” button. You will then need to insert your physical card into an ATM, enter the correct pin code and then remove it from the ATM. The card will then be reactivated. Even if withdrawals are deactivated on your card, this step is mandatory. No money will be withdrawn.

Please note that when you unblock your card using an ATM, it is important to complete the operation (even if it is refused because withdrawals are deactivated). If the card is removed from the ATM during the operation, it will not be unblocked.

I haven't received the physical format of my Cleemy card. What should I do?

If you have not received your physical Cleemy card, you can report this on Cleemy Expenses. You will then be prompted to order another one, if your manager has authorized you to do so. If this is not the case, please contact your manager.

How can I cancel the physical format of my Cleemy card?

You can cancel the physical format of your Cleemy card from the Cleemy Expenses interface. See our help page: Managing a fraudulent transaction with a Cleemy card

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