Notifications in Cleemy Payment

Before you get started

Once your payment account is open, you'll need to carry out various administrative actions on a daily basis. Notifications are issued to keep you informed.

Notifications for account managers

Balance alert

When? An email is sent when the available account balance falls below €2,000 (default). 

This threshold can be edited by going to the “Account” tab, then “Settings”.

Who? Cleemy Payment managers.

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Cards to be activated

When? An email is triggered to send every day at 5pm if there are new cards to activate since the last notification email.

Who? Managers who have the right to activate cards.

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Invoice for exceptional expenses

When? At the beginning of the month, if you have been charged exceptional fees by our partner Swan.

Who? Payment account managers.

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Notifications for cardholders

Assigning a card

When? When a card has been assigned to an employee in order to verify their identity.

Who? Cleemy cardholders.

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Permanent virtual card available 

When? When the employee's virtual (permanent-use) Cleemy card has been activated by the account manager.

Who? Cleemy cardholders.

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The physical card is being delivered

When? When the employee's physical Cleemy card has been shipped and is in the process of being delivered.

Who? Holders of a physical Cleemy card.

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Transaction rejected and reason for rejection

When? When a transaction made with a Cleemy card has been rejected.

Who? Cleemy cardholders who have had a payment rejected.

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