Prioritizing a training request


A dedicated tab for managers helps them to centralize all training requests submitted by their team.

The priority of a training request is defined according to 3 levels in Poplee Training

  • Haute
  • Moyenne
  • Basse

A description of each level is included in Poplee Training to help the manager identify the appropriate level. 


The 6 questions you can ask yourself to better define the priority of a request:

  1. What is the gap between the employee's current skill level and the expected level?
  2. What is the employee's motivation for this training?
  3. Even if the training budget is managed by the HR department, does the price of the training seem reasonable to me? 
  4. Can the time an employee spends on training have an operational impact on my team?
  5. What is the impact on the company?
  6. Has the employee attended a training course recently? (<1 year="year" )=")"></1>
  7. Is there equivalent internal training course?

How does prioritization actually work? On the "Requests to prioritize" tab, the manager can look for the employee concerned in the left banner. Then click on the "Set priority" button: the 3 levels are then suggested and you can add a comment.

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