I have a counting problem for my part-time employee

Days are missing from the count

A part-time employee requests leave. Their part-time days have not been counted. What should I do ?

1. Check their work cycle

Check the correct setting of their work cycle.

It is possible that there is an error in the type of day not worked: you must select "Part-time day" (TP) and not "Day off" (CH).


The modification to the work cycle is not retroactive. The employee will have to cancel and re-enter the leave or you can add the missing day to the count from Schedule Management.

2. Check that the limit of days to be counted has not been reached

It is possible that the employee has reached the limit of days to be counted. in order not to disadvantage a part-time employee compared to a full-time employee, an advanced setting allows the counting of part-time days to be limited.


You can check the number of part-time days already counted from the employee's Annual Summary window (accessible at the bottom right of their Request page). They are shown in gray under the number of absence days.


The year Timmi Absences is launched in your company, the employees' Paid Leave balance is often initialized without knowledge of the part-time days already taken in the current consumption period. The calculated limit may therefore be incorrect. You can correct the count manually from Schedule Management.

3. Check that the remaining balance is sufficient

It is possible that the employee has an insufficient balance to count the part-time days and that your settings allow the request to be sent.

For example, an employee at 80% with a part-time Friday has only 4 days available in their 2021-2022 Paid Leave account. They want to take a week off (5 business days). By default, Timmi Absence will not block the sending of the request (4 days).

You can deactivate this authorization via the dedicated setting to force the user to start the next balance (in the previous example, the employee would have had to start their 2022-2023 paid leave account to count Friday).


4. Manually edit the count

From Schedule management, it is possible to put leave on a day not worked to override it to be counted.

Extra days are counted

A part-time employee is absent from work (e.g.: unpaid leave, seniority day, etc.) and their part-time days are wrongly counted, what should I do?

There is probably a setting error in the category to which the account belongs. 

  1. Go to Settings Accounts.
  2. Search for this account
  3. Edit its category (and not the account!) in order to correctly configure the Part time count mode (see images below).



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