Configure office plans (beta)

Background information

Timmi Office is Lucca's telework and flex office management solution. This sheet describes how to configure and modify the plans of the offices of your company.


Login to plan administration

Beforehand, you must have created one or more floors. If you have defined zones you must also assign the correct floor to each zone.

Then go to Settings -> Office plans.


Configure plans

Select the site and floor then import the corresponding plans (PNG recommended).

Choose an area then click "set location". Using the cursor, outline the contours of the area until you return to the starting point, then click on save.

Repeat the operation for each area of ​​the floor, and for each floor.

The plans are now configured. Users will now be able to enter their area from the drop-down list or from the office map.


Note: in order to update the floorplan image smoothly, make sure you export the new image with the same dimensions. If you change the image dimensions, all zones will be misplaced and you will need to redraw them on the plan.

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