Operation and implementation of the connector with Neobrain

This connector has been set up by Neobrain, so Lucca cannot perform any customization.
If you wish to synchronize other custom data, please contact Neobrain directly in order for them to examine the faisability of your request.

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Poplee Core HR
      • Type of integration: Flat file
      • Integration direction: Lucca to Neobrain

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration, you will have to consult your Neobrain representative to set up the FTP. The FTP server is provided by Neobrain. This will allow you to synchronize the new users, the modifications of the user files as well as the employee’s end of contract date.

ou will need to configure your HR file with the data below. The data is necessary for the correct functioning of the connector. You will also need to set up an FTP to automate the file transfer. 

This implementation requires a modification of the settings on Lucca:

      • the creation of a section in the HR file with the data required for Neobrain
      • the creation of a user export in the format required by Neobrain
When sending employee data to Neobrain, a dedicated section must be created in the employee's HR folder with the following mandatory data:
    • Login
    • Employee number
    • Professional email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Professional mobile number
    • Personal mobile number
    • Birthday
    • Personal email
    • Gender
    • Seniority date
    • Address
    • City
    • Job title (text data to be created): this is the code of the employment record the employee is associated with
    • Job title 
    • Management (text data to be created): this corresponds to the occupation group
    • Establishment
    • Department
    • Type of contract
    • Occupation categories
    • Manager Email
    • Manager Number
    • HR (user date to be created)
    • Primary role

The settings in the PSRH export must be done in this order: 

Lucca Data Export Code Correspondance table 
Login unique_id  
Employee number Employee number  
Professional email Email  
First name First_name  
Last name name  
Professional mobile number phone  
Personal mobile number phone_2  
Date of birth Birthdate  
Personal email Email_2  
Gender Gender

Replace Woman by Female

Replace Man by Male

Seniority date/Contract start date Seniority date  
Address address  
City city  
Job title Fiche_poste

Completion is required if the customer has Skillmaps: ask Neobrain about the required data if this is the case.

If necessary, send the empty data.

Job title Job  
Management Management  
Establishment (name) Site affiliation  
Department (name) Business Unit  
Contract type Contract eg. Permanent contracts/Fixed term contracts/etc.
Occupation categories Status eg. Executive/non-executive/etc.
Manager (e-mail) Email manager N+1  
Manager (employee number) Manager number N+1  
Primary role Role  


An example file is available here: Export_Neobrain

The export configuration must be:

  • Generic CSV format
  • Date format dd/MM/yyyy
  • Decimal point separator: semicolon
  • Field separator: Semicolon
  • File type: CSV file
  • select "Generate header row > Label of the data Data label
  • Force the culture (language) of the generated files: French

How to create my export

In the "Export" menu of the "Co-workers" module

I- Click on "New config" and select the output format "Generic csv format"


II- Fill in the general parameters of your export format:

Complete the information required by Neobrain


III- Select the data to be exported from the data catalog in your HR file

Click on the Add data button, a drop-down list allows you to select a section globally with all the data it contains or a single piece of data from the HR file.


The data order will define the order of the columns that will be generated in your export file. The data must be organized in the order of the table defined above.

IV- Access correspondence tables and advanced formatting 

The matching table tab allows you to view data values in the format required by Neobrain for the employees in the scope of your export.


In Formatting&advanced settings, the Export code advanced option allows you to customize the name of the column header generated on the first line of your file. By default, this header is populated with the code assigned by Lucca for each piece of data as it is stored in the database. In our case, you need to modify the export codes to match the information required by Neobrain, indicated in the above table.


V- Set up the transfer on an FTP folder 

Once export configuration, you will have to initialize the first export, i.e. indicate the date on which you want the information to be sent back


To send it via FTP, in the export configuration (the cogwheel is a shortcut)
Go to the "automation" tab

  • Activate the automatic export (we recommend during the night, 3am for example)
  • Enable FTP uploading: select the FTP folder you created


The configuration of this connector is complete.


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