Import training courses into the catalog

Before you get started

At the start of deployment with a Lucca consultant, or during year, you may need to import new training courses into your catalog.

Below are the steps to follow when performing an import.

This import is used to create new training courses in draft status and new organizations, but not to update existing training courses or organizations.

Steps to follow

We recommend that you conduct an initial test on the test database before performing the "real" import.  

Fill in import template

Retrieve the ready to fill in import file (attached). This is the complete format, with all available information to be imported on the training courses. 

Please note that the import file must be in Excel format.

Fill in the columns of the import file, using the table below as a guide: 

Column Mandatory data for import? Expected format Comment
Training title Yes 250 characters max Please note: for the same organization, two training courses cannot have the same title
Type of training Yes Value from the following list:
- Internal
- External
Training URL No Valid URL Here's an example of a valid URL:
Training category No

Value from the following list: The categories in the training catalog

Level No

Value from the following list: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Duration (hours) No Positive integer  
Number of places per session No Positive integer  
Organization name Yes 250 characters max  
Url of the organization No Valid URL (example of a valid URL: ) This link displays the organization's logo in the interfaces
Summary No 1,000 characters max  

Detailed description

No 6,000 characters max  


No 250 characters max Training address if it's an on-site training

Videoconference link

No Valid URL (e.g.: Link to join the webconference (optional, as it can be added later via the session)
Certifying training? No Value from the following list: 0 ; 1

0 = No/1 = Yes

Fixed projected costs


Positive number Example : 1000,00
Estimated cost per participant No Positive number Example : 1000,00
Currency of projected costs No

Value from the following list: currency code in circulation by country according to international standard ISO 4217

Examples: EUR, USD


Test and import file

  1. Log into the test base as an admin
  2. Go to the tab "Administration" "Settings" "Import training courses"
  3. Upload the file containing the training courses and organizations to be imported
  4. If ever, correct errors thanks to the messages that will show in case of anomaly. Test the import again once the file has been edited.
  5. Check that the right training courses have been imported by going to "Administration" "Training".

Afer importing into a test base, if you are satisfied, you can import this same file into your production base.

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