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Until recently, Pagga's distribution algorithm used the social security number to match a payslip with the correct employee. We have changed this method of distribution. From now on, Pagga uses only the first and last names of the employees to link them with the right payslip.

Is it secure? Is there a risk that my employees will end up getting someone else's payslip?

The link between the payslips and the corresponding employee is very secure. Before launching this method of distribution using last names and first names, we conducted payslip-employee linking tests on several tens of thousands of payslips. The payslips were correctly linked in more than 98% of the cases. The remaining 2% of the payslips were not linked by Pagga. The HR manager could then manually link them with the right employee. These 2% correspond to the cases listed below.

What are the reasons why Pagga cannot link a payslip to an employee?

Case no. 1: The first and last names of the employee in Lucca are not the same as those on the pay slip (unrecognized)


For this month, you can link the payslip with the right employee by searching for it in the list. To prevent the problem from happening again next month, all you need to do is:

- update Lucca with the last name/first name that appear on the payslip;

- or ask your payroll manager to update the last name/first name in the payroll software so that they are up to date on the next payslip.

Case no. 2: The employee left the company more than a year ago

You will not be able to distribute the payslip of this employee, who has left, using Pagga (since they no longer have access to it). You can click on "Ignore" on the line in question, the payslip will then be part of the payslips to be printed in the next step of Pagga.

Case no. 3: several employees have the same first and last names (homonymy)


In case of homonyms, Pagga does not link the payslip automatically. You will have to link the payslip yourself using to the window which will be displayed at the time of distribution (see screenshot above) where you can view the payslip and link it with the right employee by differentiating them using one of the following three data items:

  • contract start date
  • seniority date
  • job title
  • employee number.
Warning: using the employee number as qualifying data can pose problems if the format of the latter is particularly short.

Indeed, if it is only composed of numbers, the employee number can be confused with other items on the payslip leading to an incorrect link. It is important to use this method sparingly and preferably in cases where the employee numbers are long enough not to be confused with another data item.


Case no. 4: Several employees have been found



This case can occur when documents other than payslips are distributed using Pagga, e.g. an employment certificate where the following text appears: I, the undersigned, Mrs Jane Carter, certify that I have employed Mr John Bowen, etc.. Pagga then identifies several employees to whom the document may belong (because their first and last names are present). You will have to link the payslip or document yourself using the dedicated module (see screenshot above) where you can view the payslip and link it to the right employee.




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