Exclude recommended employees

What is exclusion?

If an employee does not need to be reviewed, you can exclude them from a rule, so that no review is recommended for this employee on this rule.

The recommendation engine will no longer take this employee into account as long as they are excluded.

For example: if Valentin is excluded from the "End of trial period review" rule, then Valentin will never be recommended for this rule. However, if you have created other rules, Valentin will be taken into account for other use cases.

When should an exclusion be used?

There are two possibilities for an exclusion:

  • you can permanently exclude an employee from a rule. This can be useful if an employee is not relevant to a type of review and will never have to complete it.
  • you can temporarily exclude a employee from a rule until a date of your choosing. After this date, they will be taken into account again by the recommendation engine. Temporary exclusion can be useful in the case of an employee on long-term absence who you do not want to plan a review for at the moment.

Exclusions are used to manage special cases. If you want to exclude a large number of employees, it is probably an indication that your rule is incorrectly configured (remember to use filters to target the correct population)

How do I exclude an employee?

To exclude an employee, consult the list of recommended employees on a rule (by clicking on the "plan reviews" button), then click on the "exclude from this rule" button on the row of the employee you wish to exclude.

You will be asked to choose between a permanent or temporary exclusion, and you can enter a comment to specify the reason for the exclusion.

The exclusion will take effect immediately and the employee will not be notified.

Please note that the employee is not excluded from a campaign, but only from a rule.





Where can I find the exclusions?

To view the exclusions associated with a rule, go to the "Rules" tab and click on the "Exclusions" button.


On this page, you will find a list of all excluded employees, until what date, and the reason for exclusion.

It is not possible to create new exclusions from this page, but you can delete or modify them by clicking on the pencil icon as shown below:


It is possible to modify the type of exclusion (permanent or random, date and/or comment).




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