Track and schedule recommended reviews


Track recommendations

If you go to the "Reviews to be scheduled" page in the "Recommendations" tab, you will find a list of reviews that should be conducted according to the rules you have defined (to define a rule, consult this help page).  On this page you will find: 

  • late reviews (this section does not appear if you have no outstanding late reviews).
  • upcoming reviews to anticipate the next reviews to be scheduled. By default, the recommendation assistant projects you to the next month, but you can also project yourself to the date of your choice. 

Please note that to view this page, you need to have a recommendations permission (click here to find out more).

An administrator will only see employees who are within the scope of their "manage a campaign and administer the campaigns whose manager is within the scope" permission 

Scheduling recommended reviews

To consult the list of employees who are recommended to you for each rule and schedule their reviews, click on "Reviews to be scheduled".

For example, you want to schedule performance reviews for employees that are overdue:

1. Select the campaign you wish to add recommended employees to.

The campaign must be in progress and in the same category as the rule, otherwise it will not appear in the drop-down list (draft campaigns cannot be selected). 

2. Select the review preparation date (only available if the campaign you have selected has a preparation) and the review date
These dates are explained below:

Date : Corresponds to the date when:
Preparation date The employee must have completed their preparation
Completion date The reviewer must have completed and published the employee review

3. Select the employees you wish to add to these dates for this campaign. 

You will be notified if any employees have errors (just as you are notified when you select the population for a campaign). It is impossible to add employees with blocking errors. 

4. Add employees by clicking on the corresponding button.

After confirmation, the selected employees will be added to the campaign on the chosen dates and will be notified by email, along with the reviewers. In the "Campaigns" tab, you will find all the employees you have added, and you can follow the progress of their reviews.

If you wish to add recommended employees on different dates or campaigns, repeat the action several times to add them in batches. 
Please note that you cannot create a new campaign from the recommendations assistant. You need to have created a campaign first, and add employees as and when required. 

The difference between recommended employees on a one-off or recurring rule 

When you consult the recommended employees, you will find the following information: 

  • Employee name 
  • Employee department 
  • Employee establishment 

For a recurring rule, you will also find the date of the last review in the same campaign category (e.g. the date of the last professional review in the case of a professional development rule). If the employee has never been reviewed in the category, you will see their contract start date. 

For a one-off rule, you will find in the "to be completed before" column the deadline for conducting the review (calculated according to your rule settings). 

This information is intended to help you choose the right date for your reviews.

If an employee is not recommended by a rule, you can exclude them.

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