How API connectors work with our partners 

Lucca has many connectors in place with software company partners.

They each have their own way of functioning, but with the same purpose: the connection of our two solutions in an automated way

How do API connectors work?

All connectors between Lucca and third party software companies have been developed by our partners, so that they are generic. This means that we will not be able to make any specific settings, apart from the data indicated on the help sheets.

Why not retrieve all data from the HR file?

The connector is a generic setting created by the partner. 

When the connector was created, two things were agreed with the partner:

  • Lucca data recovery: this data is included in all Lucca databases. The creation of the API request is simplified, because the data code is identical from one database to another.
  • Recovery of specific customizable data: This data is determined with the software company partner when the connector is created. They therefore expect Lucca to send this data with a specific code. This is why you may need to reset your HR file on the help sheets so that the data matches what is expected

If you want our partner to retrieve other specific data from your HR file, you will have to approach the partner and request specific development on their side.

If you create new data, to retrieve the code of this data, you have to go to the HR file > Settings > Data management > search for the relevant data > retrieve the data code. 

Why can I not retrieve the compensation information from the users API?

The compensation data "Annual theoretical remuneration (today)" that you have in your HR file does not necessarily come from the HR file. This is what we call "app data". This means that Poplee Core HR will display the information that is in Pagga Compensation directly, however, Poplee Core HR will not have this information recorded on its side. It will not be possible to retrieve this data via a query on the employee data.

You can easily recognize "app data" because there is a link to their original solution.

In order to retrieve this data, the API key must have permission to retrieve data from Pagga Compensation


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