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Operation and implementation of the connector with Octime

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Poplee Core HR 
      • Type of integration: flat file on an FTP
      • Integration direction: Lucca to Octime
This help sheet is only related to the export of employee data Poplee Core HR. At this time, we cannot interface with their time clock export software.


Setting up the integration

To perform the integration, the Lucca database administrator will need to set up an FTP. This will allow you to synchronize the new users, the modifications of the user files as well as the employee’s end of contract date.

You will need to configure your HR file with the data below. The data is necessary for the correct functioning of the connector. The export transfer will be automated at a time that you need to define (we recommend during the night, 3am for example). 

This implementation requires a modification of the settings on Lucca:

      • creation of a user export in the format required by Octime
      • creation of a section in the HR file with the necessary data for Octime

When sending employee data to Octime, a dedicated section must be created in the employee's HR file with the following mandatory data:

    • Number (must be configured in the format used by the payroll software: Automatic number generation when creating an employee)
    • Last name
    • First name
    • Birth name
    • Username
    • Date of birth 
    • Gender
    • Seniority date
    • Address line 2
    • House number
    • a, b, etc. (make a drop-down list with A, B, C, D)
    • Street name
    • Postal code
    • City
    • Professional email
    • Personal email
    • Contract start date
    • Contract end date
    • ETP (data format: text /!\ the administrator must complete the data with 2 decimal places: XXX.00 without that the data will not be integrated → you can add to the label of the data "remember to modify this data when creating a new contract" to avoid forgetting)
    • Effective date of ETP
    • Contract template
    • Contract start reason
    • Contract end reason
    • Direct line
    • Monthly contractual hours (data format: text /!\ the administrator must complete the data with 2 decimal places: XXX.00 without that the data will not be integrated → you can add to the label of the data "remember to modify this data when creating a new contract" to avoid forgetting)


  • The following data must be created, but can be sent empty. This is used to maintain the structure of the export file. By default, the information on the employee's job is not recorded. If the customer wants to enter them in Lucca, they should enter this information first in Octime and then replicate it in Lucca. This data originated from Octime, the customer will have to keep this information up to date in Lucca if they want to use it. 
    • Date of entry to the job
    • Job code (data format: list of values)
    • Job title (data format: list of values)
  • The following data can be created optionally. There can be up to 10 levels. We do not include the "job" data history by default. If the client wants to manage this data in Lucca, they will have to keep the information up to date in both programs
    • Date of assignment to the structure
    • Structure assignment code (data format: list of values)
    • Label of the assignment to the structure (data format: list of values)

Why not manage the job and structure directly in Lucca?
Because this data is created in Octime. Octime must send us this information to be integrated into the data concerned. If you add this data in Lucca and it does not exist in Octime, the import file will be rejected. In addition, if you only modify the code and/or the label without modifying the date of accepting the job/assignment, this will affect the calculations performed by Octime.

This is the standard setting, it can vary depending on what has been configured in your database on the Octime side.

The settings in the PSRH export must be done in this order: 

Lucca data Export code Mode of correspondence/comment
Employee Number Matricule  
Last name Nom  
First name Prénom  
Birth name Nom de naissance  
Username Identifiant  
Date of birth Date de naissance  
Gender Sexe

replace Female by F

replace Male by M

Seniority date Date d'ancienneté  
Address line 2 Cplt d'adresse  
House number Numéro  
a, b, etc Extension  
Street name Voie  
Postal code Code postal  
City Ville  
Professional email Adresse mail  
Personal email Adresse mail perso  
Start of contract Date de début de contrat  
Contract end Date de fin de contrat  
Effective date of ETP Date de prise d'effet  
Contract template Modèle de contrat  
Contract start reason Motif de début de contrat  
Contract end reason Motif de fin du contrat  
Direct line N° de téléphone 1  
Contractual hours Horaire mensuel du contrat  
Date of entry to the job Date du poste  
Code of the job pos_cod  
Job title pos_lib  
Date of assignment to the structure Date de l'affectation For the data on the structure of the job, there can be up to 10 levels, so it is important to put this data at the end of the export to avoid preventing the integration 
Code of the structure assignment


et si plusieurs niveaux niv_cod2; niv_cod3 etc.

Label of the assignment to the structure


et si plusieurs niveaux niv_lib2; niv_lib3 etc.

The "Contract template", "Contract start reason", "Contract end reason" fields are new data from the contract module, they are only exported and cannot be integrated into the HR file.

The export configuration must be:

  • Generic CSV format
  • Date format dd/MM/yyyy
  • Decimal point separator: comma
  • Field separator: semicolon
  • File type: CSV file
  • select "Generate header row" Data label

Then create an alert of modification type > start> Contract start date.

In the options of this alert, put an informative description such as:

When changing your contract, remember to change the following information:

  • ETP (remember to indicate decimals in .xx format)
  • Effective date of ETP
  • Monthly contractual working hours (remember to indicate the decimals in .xx format)

By default, the following data should be managed by Octime, but if you wanted to integrate them into Lucca, remember to also update:

  • date of entry, job code and job title 
  • date of assignment, the code and label in the structure

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