How to check the correct Pagga Payslip access settings

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The Pagga Payslip solution allows you to distribute all your company's payslips in a digitized version in a few steps.

Until now, you could download the payslips of all your employees and we have temporarily disabled this feature. Indeed, given that the subject of pay is often sensitive, it is important to check regularly that only the administrators have access to the payslips of the whole company. 

To reactivate this feature, you have to check that only the right people have access to the Pagga Payslip settings and, once you have done this, you can make a ticket to the Lucca help desk to notify them that the verification has been done and to request that they reactivate the feature accordingly. 

Here are two options for checking that the role settings are correct.

Option 1. You have access to role administration

If, by clicking on the cogwheel, you have access to the "Roles" section, then you are concerned by this first option. 


To check that the administrator roles are granted to those who are eligible:

1. Click on the first name in the list which often corresponds to the "Administrator" role

2. In the list of permissions, select "Pagga Payslip"

3. You will then see the permissions associated with this role appear. You can check or uncheck permissions if necessary, just remember to save your actions. 

4. If the permissions are correct, you can make sure that this first role is correctly configured by checking the users to whom this permission is given.  

You will then have to review each role on the left side (including the secondary roles) by following this template, to check that your employees do not have too many permissions.

In theory, your users and managers should only have access to the "Consult and download payslips" permission. They therefore only have permissions on their personal payslips. 

If you want to know more about the roles, you will find a help sheet that provides an overview here. You can request access to this module from the Lucca help desk. 


Option 2. You do not have access to role administration

If, by clicking on the cogwheel, you do not have access to the "Roles" section, you have a second way to check that the role settings are correct. 

By going to your own Pagga Payslip page to download your payslip, at the top right, you can view the people who have access to your payslip. In this list, you should only see people with an administrator role on Pagga Payslip.

If you see people in this list who should not have access to your payslip, there is a problem with the role settings.
You must then immediately notify the Lucca help desk so that they can help you to resolve the problem. 

Warning: if you have many establishments on Lucca, with different administrators for each company, each administrator will have to check this list for their remit. 

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