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Operation and implementation of the connector with 360 Learning

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Poplee Core HR
      • Type of integration: flat file (Paid service - request a quote from 360 Learning)
      • Integration direction: Lucca to 360 learning

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration, you will have to consult your 360 Learning representative to set up the FTP. The FTP server is provided by 360 Learning. This will enable new users, changes to user files and employee contract end dates to be synchronized.

You will need to configure your HR file with the data below. The data is necessary for the correct functioning of the connector. The export transfer will be automated at a time that you need to define (we recommend during the night, 3am for example). 

This implementation requires a modification of the settings on Lucca:

      • creation of a user export in the format required by 360 learning
      • creation of a section in the HR file with the necessary data for 360 learning
A request must be made to the Lucca Help desk so that our product team can change the format of your UTF-8 export. In your ticket, you must tell us the URL of your Lucca database as well as the name of the export whose format needs to be modified.
When sending employee data to 360 learning, a dedicated section must be created in the employee's HR file with the following mandatory data:
    • Employee Number
    • Professional email
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Job title
    • Language
    • Manager Number
    • Status (data of type list of values to be created with the choice Active/Inactive)

The settings in the PSRH export must be done in this order: 

Lucca Data Export Code Mode of correspondence/comment
Employee Number uniqueId  

Professional email


First name


Last name

last name  

Job title



language eg. fr for French

Manager (employee number)



An example file is available here: Export_360L
The “Manager's employee number” is a new piece of information in the contract module. It only shows up in the export and it cannot be integrated into the HR file.
If you already have employees in both 360 Learning and Lucca, to avoid duplicates when importing files, you will have to make sure that the employee has the same email address in both solutions. This email is the username in 360 Learning.
A word of caution: For a user to be sent to 360 learning or for their access to be closed, the administrator will have to fill in the status data (custom data, created specifically for 360 learning) in the HR file of the relevant user. The administrator will have to indicate whether the user is active or not. Therefore, it is not the start or end date of the employee's contract that triggers the granting or removal of access. While waiting for this data to be automatically sent to 360 learning, we recommend that the administrator creates a specific task in the process of employee onboarding and offboarding to ensure that this data is updated. We recommend keeping this data in the HR file because it allows the administrator to control which accesses to create/remove from 360 learning, through a report or the reminder of these tasks. 

V- Set up the transfer on an FTP folder

You can read these help sheets to help you set up your export and your FTP server:

Update data via an import in Lucca

If you need to update employee data in bulk, please refer to the relevant page: Importing employee data





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