Operation and implementation of the connector with Figures

This connector has been set up by Figures, so Lucca cannot perform any customization.
If you wish to synchronize other custom data, please contact Figures directly in order for them to examine the faisability of your request.

How the integration works

  • Solutions involved: Poplee Compensation
  • Type of integration: API
  • Integration direction: Lucca to Figures

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration, the Lucca database administrator will need to create an API key with the following permissions:

Employee permissions:

  • View Lucca employee data
  • View future employees
  • View employees who have left

Pagga Compensation Permissions:

  • View individual situations

The administrator will need to log in to their Figures account

On the "employee data" module, configure an HRMS integration and select Lucca


Enter the URL of the Lucca database (in the format

and the API key

The data will automatically synchronize

Employees will go back to Figures in "unmapped" status.


To finish the synchronization, click on the appropriate employee. A form opens to fill in the missing information that Figures needs. It is then be possible to create a mapping between Lucca and Figures data. 

Selecting the box highlighted below instructs Figures to make a default mapping with the legal entity defined on this file.Untitled__2_.png


Among the data that will be returned:

      • Data from Poplee Core HR:
        • Legal entity
        • Job title
      • Data from Poplee Compensation:
        • base salary

The mapping relating to bonuses, allowing an annual estimation on Figures is under development by them. It is therefore recommended to complete this information (on target bonus) manually.

Save the information to complete the synchronization

The update is automatically performed every 24 hours and can be forced manually if you require faster synchronization.


If you do not use Pagga Remuneration

You will need to connect with your CSM Figures.

In this case, only the following employee data will be imported into Figure: their place of work, their job title and their level of qualification, but salaries may not be imported, Poplee Socle HR is not a tool to manage the compensation of employees contrary to Pagga Compensation.

If you would like a demonstration of the Pagga Compensation solution, please contact your Lucca Account Manager

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