Operation and implementation of the connector with Talentview

This connector has been set up by TalentView, so Lucca cannot perform any customization.
If you wish to synchronize other custom data, please contact TalentView directly in order for them to examine the faisability of your request.

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Poplee Core HR
      • Type of integration: API (paid)
      • Integration direction: TalentView to Lucca

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration, the Lucca database administrator will need to create an API key with the following permissions:

Co-workers Permissions:

      • Read users Lucca properties
      • Modify Lucca users properties
      • See future employees
      • See former employees

Send the contact details of your Lucca representative to the TalentView representative to set up the connection.

Then follow these initialization steps: 

1. Once this part is completed, go to a candidate in validated status in your TalentView area.

Changing the status of the candidate to "validated" on TalentView is essential, otherwise you will not be able to send the candidate's information to Lucca.

2. Click on "Import into my HRIS"

If required, complete the start and end dates of the contract then click on the "validate" button.

This file will then be created in the HR file of Lucca


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