Limits and features to come

Before you get started

You are about to start using the first version of the Cleemy account. Some of the features are limited, and it will continue to develop.

How do I manage the payment of invoices?

In the invoice payment module, you will find all the invoices that need to be paid.

When the payment method is "Transfer", you can make the transfer from your usual account when the invoice is ready for payment. Then mark the invoice as paid to remove it from the list.

When the payment method is "Virtual Card", we advise you to wait for your account statement so you can highlight invoices that have actually been paid.


Eventually, transactions will be synchronized between Cleemy Payment and Cleemy Procurement. This means that the status of an invoice will automatically change to "Paid" when the associated transaction is detected.

How do I carry out my bank reconciliation?

Initially, only payments made using a single-use virtual card will need to be reconciled.

We advise you to import the PDF or Excel statement that we can provide so that you can import your bank entries directly into your accounting software.

Once is it possible to synchronize transactions between Cleemy Payment and Cleemy Procurement, we will automatically post your bank entries, which you can then import using your accounting export. 


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