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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions after setting up an FTP server. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, customer support is happy to help you.

Which Lucca IP addresses should be whitelisted?

Our IP range is: between and, to be whitelisted if necessary.

This range corresponds to:

What are the file exchange ports?

In active mode the ports are: 20 or 989

In passive mode the ports are: between 64000 and 65000

Are files automatically deleted on the FTP server?

This depends on how the file is uploaded.

When there is an integration: Lucca - FTP - third-party software, then it is your responsibility to create a script to delete the file from the FTP after retrieval. Lucca will do nothing with this file once it has been uploaded. For example, you can either delete it from the remote folder, or archive it in another folder on the FTP, if required. The idea is that the file you uploaded on day D will not be there on D+1 if you have already retrieved it, so you will only have new files in the folder to integrate.

However, when there is an integration: Third-party software - FTP - Lucca, then Lucca will automatically retrieve the file and delete it after importing it.

What should I do if I can't initialize my external FTP (not hosted by Lucca) in the Lucca FTP management interface?

First of all, if the problem has been reported to support by a client, you need to recreate an FTP connection from 0 in the Lucca interface. If the Lucca interface is also blocked, you will need to test the connection from winSCP (or filezilla, for example, but we prefer winSCP because it is more secure) by recreating an FTP connection, using this page as a guide if you need to find out at which level the connection is blocked:

  • If you are able to connect via winSCP, then the problem must be with the information entered in Lucca's FTP management interface.
  • If you are unable to connect to winSCP, the problem may be either with the login details or with IP addresses that are not whitelisted.

What should I do if my FTP stops working?

You can start by performing the same tests as those suggested in the previous question (via winSCP).

You can then check with your IT team in charge of FTP management that the password has not been recently changed.

Warning: do not change the password until you have verified that this is where the problem is, otherwise you risk disrupting the integrations already established with the FTP server.

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