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This is where we explain how to request a Web Service ID from Silae. These login details will be requested during the connection between Lucca and Silae. It is therefore important to have them ready as soon as the project to rollout the payroll assistant begins.

What is this username used for?

This username is used to make secure API calls to your payroll files. Without this key, we cannot access your payroll records. You must make a specific request to Silae, because this username is not the one you use to connect to Silae

This is a unique username and password for all the payroll files managed by your payroll manager. It is therefore possible that the login details already exist. In this case, there is no need to repeat the request, and you just have to reuse the existing login details. 

What are Lucca's commitments to the use of Silaexpert APIs?

We have signed a PUBLISHER contract with Silaexpert to provide an API catalog. We are bound by this contract as a publisher not to misuse these APIs. The details of these commitments are described in the information memo which can be downloaded below (at the very bottom of the page).

How to make the request to Silae

This request must be made by the person with the administrator permissions on Silae. It is therefore up to your payroll manager to ask their company's Silae administrator to make the request.

To make the Web Service username request, you must sign up to the Silae API contract which is 100% free. You will find this contract directly in Silae by going to the Tools tab > Information > Amendments and contract > Client contract for providing an API catalog: mceclip0.pngThe contract is downloading. Your payroll manager can then read and complete this contract by choosing option 1: "Providing the basic platform for the client to communicate their Web client service username and password to a PUBLISHER listed by Silae...".

Your payroll manager must then forward this contract to their sales contact at Silae. After a few days, your payroll manager will receive the Web Service login details by email.

How to enter Web Service login details to connect Lucca and Silae

When deploying the payroll assistant, the Lucca consultant will need these Web Service login details. For security reasons, never send these login details by email. When the right time comes, your payroll manager will receive an email from the payroll assistant asking them to enter the login details using a secure form. If in any doubt, do not hesitate to contact your Lucca consultant.

For more information regarding the connection between Lucca and Silae, you can consult this help sheet: Connect Lucca and Silae

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