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Operation and implementation of the MyUnisoft export format

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Cleemy Expenses
      • Type of integration: Flat file
      • Integration direction: Lucca to MyUnisoft

Setting up the integration

Here are two examples of accounting export formats without analytics that are managed by MyUnisoft:

1. With the total amount and the meaning of the writing: example

2. With the amount in credit and in debit: example

In the event there is a need for an export with analytics, the feasibility must be studied with the Cleemy Expenses product team. Currently, we cannot manage analytical breakdowns. Do not hesitate to contact our technical support on this subject.

Dates are in yyyyMMdd format

Amounts must have 2 decimal places and select "Replace zero amounts with an empty field"

The file must be in CSV format

The decimal separator must be a comma

Once the export is configured, in the Management rules (1) > Exports (3), you have to select "When an export (manual or automatic) is complete" and enter the email of the payroll manager. The payroll manager will receive the Cleemy export in the required format by email and will only have to integrate it into their solution as usual.

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