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Cleemy cards are MasterCard cards that can be used on a one-off or permanent basis.

In this article you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Permanent card – Cleemy Expenses

Single-use card – Cleemy Procurement



For questions relating to the use of the Cleemy card by a user, please refer to the Cleemy Card Assistance help page.

Permanent cards

What is a permanent card and how can I get one?

The Cleemy permanent card is a classic payment card that allows you to spend as much as you like, up to a set limit. You use it to pay for your business expenses and transactions are synchronized with Cleemy Expenses within two days.

To get a card: 

  • In Cleemy Payment, the Cleemy account manager selects the employees that are entitled to a card,
  • The future cardholder enters information into Cleemy Expenses, such as their telephone number,
  • The account manager activates the card in Cleemy Payment,
  • The cardholder retrieves all the information related to their card in Cleemy Expenses,

To find out more: the Cleemy card

How can I get a physical card?

Once the card has been activated, the account manager can order the physical card from Cleemy Payment or the cardholder can order it from Cleemy Expenses.

To find out more: the Cleemy card

How do I submit an expense made using a Cleemy card?

By default, the “Payment with Cleemy Card” box will be ticked for any expenses made with the card. The employee will not be reimbursed for these expenses.

Expenses that are automatically created by Cleemy following a Cleemy Card payment cannot be deleted. If necessary, please contact the help desk and the support team will forward it to the product team.

How do I delete an employee's Cleemy card?

From the “Card management” section in Cleemy Payment, you can delete a card by going to the card in question and clicking on the menu in the top right-hand corner, then on “Delete card”. If you wish to prevent your employee from reordering a Cleemy card, you must also remove them from the relevant card profile in the “Assigning cards” section.

If the employee leaves the company permanently, their Cleemy card is deleted automatically, without you having to take any action. All you need to do is enter contract end date in the employee's HR file (with no new contract to come).

How can I cancel a Cleemy card in physical format?

If a card is lost, stolen or doesn’t arrive, you can cancel physical Cleemy cards by going to the “Card management” section. You will then be able to order a new physical card if you wish.

How do I release a phone number?

If an employee leaves the company and their phone number is assigned to a new employee, the number must first be released so that another person can use it for their card. To do this, please contact our partner Swan at

Single-use cards

What is a single-use card and how can I get one?

A single-use card is a card used to make a single purchase. Once the card has been used to authorize an online payment, it cannot be used to pay for something on a different website.

These cards are only available with our Cleemy Procurement application. To find out more about how to get one of these cards, please see this help page: Requesting a single-use card.

Can I use a single-use card to pay for a subscription?

Yes, you can use a single-use card to pay for a subscription.

The same single-use card can be debited several times. This is the case for subscriptions, for example. Once the card has been entered as the payment method for a subscription, it can be debited as many times as necessary to pay for the subscription, up to the set limit.

Can I use a single-use card to pay for a car rental?

Single-use cards are only available in virtual format.

From a purely technical point of view, you can use the single-use card to pay for a rental car online, or you can use Apple and Google Pay. From a practical point of view, some car rental companies ask for the physical version of the card when you go to pick up the car. This point should be checked with the rental agency.


Where can I use my Cleemy card?

The Cleemy card can be used throughout the Mastercard network, worldwide. This is provided the card has been set up to pay in foreign currency in Cleemy Payment. A fee of 2% of the transaction amount applies to non-euro transactions.

What are the fees associated with card use?

Cleemy cards are included in the Cleemy subscription. However, some exceptional fees may apply:

  • Ordering or replacing (if the card is lost, stolen, damaged or blocked after entering the wrong pin code three times) a physical card: €5.21 excl. VAT + shipping costs
  • Making withdrawals in France and the SEPA zone: €1 incl. VAT
  • Withdrawal and payment outside the SEPA zone: 2% of the amount

Withdrawals and payments abroad are options that can be deactivated.

Shipping costs are invoiced at cost price and may therefore vary according to the rates of partner delivery companies.

Here is an example of rates as of August 1, 2022 (incl. VAT, there is no VAT on shipping costs):

- Tracked shipping within France: €1.67

- Standard shipping in Euros : €1.67

- Tracked shipping within Europe: €12

Is there a limit to the amount I can spend on my card?

Upper limits can be applied to Cleemy cards by the account manager that generates the card.

Single-use card limits correspond to the amount of the approved purchase request, with a 2% margin up to a maximum of €20.

Permanent cards can have daily, monthly or annual upper limit.

In addition to customized limits, a limit of €100,000 over a rolling 30-day period is applied. This limit can be edited. Please contact us at if you have any queries.

Is there a limit on ATM withdrawals?

The overall limit for ATM withdrawals is €3,000 per corporate account holder over a rolling 30-day period. This limit applies to all accounts and cards associated with the account holder. If employees linked to several accounts of the same holder make withdrawals, they will all be subject to the same limit.

ATM withdrawals may be capped by the bank that owns the ATMs at a unit maximum (€300, €500, etc.), which cannot be changed.

If you wish to increase your withdrawal limit, please contact the Swan help desk at 

What insurance is available?

The cards are not currently covered by travel or cancellation insurance. In the event of fraud, you will be reimbursed for the transaction in question. All you have to do is report it.

How do I match a phone number I've already used?

If an employee leaves the company and you give their phone number to a new employee, the new employee will be blocked when the phone number is verified. In fact, phone numbers are attached to employees’ names and cannot be used several times. To release the phone number, please contact and ask them to release the number.


What should I do if my expenses are pending with the bank?

There are several reasons why Cleemy card expenses may be pending with the bank: 

  1. The employee paid for an expense with their own money, but left “Cleemy card payment” ticked when creating the expense. Cleemy is therefore waiting for an expense that matches the submitted amount to arrive from the bank. To correct this situation, check with the employee that this is indeed a personal expense, then ask them to change the payment method to “personal payment”. The “Cleemy card” payment method is automatically selected for all Cleemy cardholders. This setting cannot currently be changed.
  2. The employee has already submitted the expense reported by Cleemy Payment. In this case, please check the expense history.
  3. A manager has deleted the expense reported by Cleemy Payment. An advance has therefore been created automatically.
  4. The payment is pending approval by the bank, and the information will only be sent to Cleemy once the transaction has been approved by the bank. It usually takes around 48 hours, but it may take up to a month in exceptional cases. 

What is the cards’ country of origin?

The cards’ country of origin is the account holder’s country.

Do I have to verify my identity?

Identity verification is only mandatory for people who need management-level access to the payment account.
To verify your identity, you need to send a photo of your identity card and a video of your face.
Here are a few things that you should know:
- Lucca has no access to the ID card or video. This information is only used by our partner Swan and their automatic identity verification provider Ubble.
- It is possible to bypass the Ubble service provider and carry out a manual identity check. In this case, only our partner Swan will store the ID card, and you don't need to make a video. All you need to do is have a video call with a Swan employee once the telephone number has been entered in Cleemy Expenses (
In addition, here are a few things that may reassure you: this article stipulates that electronic money institutions are bound by professional secrecy. Failure to comply with this obligation is even punishable by law.

Can I change the upper limit, which is set to 2000 euros by default?

You can do so by going to Account > Settings > Notifications.


An employee has blocked their physical card by entering the wrong PIN code 3 times. What do they need to do to unblock it?

1- Their card is “temporarily blocked” on Cleemy Expenses

2- 24 hours later, they deactivate the “temporary block” button on Cleemy Expenses

3- They must insert their card into an ATM and enter their PIN code to reactivate the card

If the withdrawal is blocked on the Cleemy card: it will not be possible to withdraw any money from the ATM, but the card will be unblocked.

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