"Ciao Figgo": our software changes its name

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As of April 15, we have changed the name of our solutions. It may not sound like much, but with 1,100,000 users, every little change has a big impact. That's why we want to give you some background.

What's changed?

From now on, each solution name will indicate both the business line to which it belongs and the need it addresses. Today, our offer is based on 4 ranges:


Time & Activity






Payroll Environment

Timmi Absences (ex-Figgo)

Timmi Time (ex-Timesheet)

Timmi Projects (ex-Project)

Poplee HR Core 

Poplee Performance (ex- Poplee Goals and reviews)

Poplee Engagement (formerly Bloom at Work)

Cleemy Expenses

Cleemy Procurement

Pagga Compensation (ex- Poplee Compensation)

Pagga Payslips (ex- Pagga only)

Why these name changes?

The main issue of these name changes is the readability of our offer. We have always followed the rule: "a simple solution for a precise need". As the needs are numerous, our range of products has become too large. Eventually, we risked creating an offer that was anything but "simple".

We also noticed that our customers often changed the name of our software. The names of our solutions, as nice and catchy as they were, often turned into formal descriptions. Figgo was frequently given the sweet moniker of : "Leave & Absences". With more explicit names, our users no longer need to rename them (nor is it possible anymore).

"Even Figgo? Yes, even Figgo."

Changing such an iconic name is not a decision we made lightly. Yet we did, and for two reasons.

First, to evoke Time and Activity Management (TAM), "Timmi" is more telling than Figgo.

Second, Figgo was overshadowing Lucca. Users talk about the tool they use on a daily basis, not the editor behind it. Which seems obvious. So over the years, Figgo has built up a bigger reputation than Lucca.

"Killing Figgo meant allowing Lucca to be put back in the spotlight."
Tristan Goguillot, Head of BU GTA (ex-Product Manager Figgo)

If you would like to send a poignant last tribute to him, you can write to us at: ciaofiggo@lucca.fr.

Names fly away...

Some of you may remember, but before becoming Timmi Absences, Figgo was successively called Webrtt, webnetRTT, Lucc@rtt and UGO.

The names fly away, the solutions remain.

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