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Payment account

Identity verification

Account management

Bank transfer

Assigning and activating Cleemy cards

Payment account

What is a Cleemy account?

A Cleemy account is a payment account opened in the company name. This account is opened with a payroll establishment. To find out more, see our help page, which provides you with information about our partnership with Swan.

In order to put money into this account, you can use the bank details. The funds in the Cleemy account will enable you to provide your employees with a means of payment. Eventually, these funds will also enable you to make transfers to pay your suppliers or reimburse your employees.

To open an account, please see the following help page: Open a payment account.

Who can open a Cleemy account?

Only a legal representative of the company (beneficial owner with at least 25% of the company's shares) or somebody that has power of attorney from a legal representative.

If you open the account using your Lucca login and you have power of attorney from a legal representative, you will also be asked to provide a photocopy of their identity card. However, make sure you enter your telephone number correctly when you are asked for it, and use your cell phone to verify your identity and not that of the legal representative.

Who has access to Cleemy accounts?

Managing access to the various Cleemy accounts is explained here: Managing managers and access rights.

Which accounting currencies are available?

Only Euros can be held in Cleemy accounts. The IBANs provided are French IBANs. Other types of IBAN will be supported in the near future

What is the account address?


95 Avenue du Président Wilson

93100 Montreuil, France

How many accounts can I open?

You can open a maximum of one account per establishment. It is also possible to group establishments from the same legal entity within the same account.

Can the account be overdrawn?

The Cleemy account is a payment account, not a bank account. It therefore cannot be overdrawn. In the event of insufficient funds, payments by card or transfer will be rejected. You will receive an email when the balance is below €2,000 (you can customize this amount by going to the “Settings” tab on your account and then clicking on “Notifications”).

Identity verification

My foreign phone number was refused during the identity verification process. What should I do?

For security reasons, numbers from certain countries (depending on the country code at the beginning of the number) may be blocked. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact our help desk.

Is identity verification mandatory?

Identity verification is mandatory for people who need management-level access to the payment account.
To verify your identity, you need to send a photo of your identity card and a video of your face.
Here are a few things that you should know:
- Lucca has no access to the ID card or video. This information is only used by our partner Swan and their automatic identity verification provider Ubble.
- It is possible to bypass the Ubble service provider and carry out a manual identity check. In this case, only our partner Swan will store the ID card, and you don't need to make a video. All you need to do is have a video call with a Swan employee once the telephone number has been entered in Cleemy Expenses (
In addition, here are a few things that may reassure you: this article stipulates that electronic money institutions are bound by professional secrecy. Failure to comply with this obligation is even punishable by law.

Account management

How can I put money into my Cleemy account?

From your main bank account, simply add your Cleemy account as a beneficiary and make a SEPA transfer to put money into it.
The bank details for your Cleemy account are available in the Cleemy Payment application, in the Account tab. 
We recommend that you do this, as cash transfers may go through the SWIFT network and be considered as international transfers, incurring a €5 fee from our partner Swan.

How do I know when to put money into my Cleemy Payment account?

By default, as soon as your Cleemy Payment account balance falls below €2,000 euros, you automatically receive an email. If you wish to edit the alert threshold, you can do so in the Settings tab:

How can I add an establishment to an existing Cleemy Payment account?

To add an establishment to an existing Cleemy Payment account, the establishment in question must be from the same legal unit as the Cleemy Payment account. In this case, you can add it from Cleemy Payment in the account details section.

If the Cleemy Payment account and the establishment to be added are not from the same legal unit, you must open a new Cleemy Payment account for this establishment.

How do I remove an establishment from a Cleemy Payment account?

If you wish to remove an establishment from an existing Cleemy Payment account, you must contact the help desk.

How do I close an account?

First of all, please send an email to requesting the account closure and copy in to keep us informed.

For the account to be considered for closure, the balance must be €0, the last direct debit must have been processed at least 30 days ago, and the last transfer must have been made at least five days ago. When these conditions are met, cards, direct debits and recurring / future transfers will be canceled, and any incoming SEPA transfers will be automatically returned.

Once Swan has carried out all the necessary steps to close the account, the account will be considered closed. You will be able to access the account and statements from our partner for up to one year.

How can I change the legal representative of my account?

The legal representative of your payment account is the person who opened the account. They are the only person who can grant permissions related to the payment account to other employees. If this person leaves your company, here's what to do:

- Before they leave, the former legal representative of the account must add the new legal representative as a manager in Cleemy Payment

- The former legal representative of the account must send an email to the following addresses: AND indicating the name of the new legal representative and providing a power of attorney for this person if they are not a beneficial owner of the company. A beneficial owner must sign the power of attorney and they must attach their identity card to it.

If the former legal representative of the account has left before taking any action:

Situation 1: If the account's new legal representative is on the list of managers:

The new representative’s identity has already been verified by Swan, and they need to send an email to AND providing a power of attorney from the company's legal representative.

Situation 2: If the new legal representative is not yet a manager:

They need to send an email to AND providing a power of attorney from the company's legal representative and a photo of themselves holding up their ID card.


Bank transfer

How can I make international transfers?

International transfers are not currently supported. Solutions such as TransferWise can be used if necessary.

Assigning and activating cards Cleemy

I can’t assign a card to an employee. What should I do?

An employee is missing from the table where you add employees to a card profile. There are two possible reasons for this:

  • Option 1: this employee is already on another profile. You can only remove them from a profile if they don’t already have a card to activate or an active card.
  • Option 2: This employee's establishment is not on the Cleemy Payment account in question. In this case, you must either change the employee’s establishment or add the establishment to the Cleemy Payment account in question.

The phone number is not recognized. What should I do?

There are two possible situations: 

The phone number is already assigned

The same mobile number cannot be used more than once for payment cards. If an employee passes their phone number on to another employee, you will need to send an email to the Swan help desk (, asking them to release the phone number in question.

The mobile number begins with an unrecognized dialing code

For security reasons, some country dialing codes are not recognized by default.

In this case, please send a request to the Lucca help desk, who will forward it on to the product team.


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